October 2022

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Bolsonaro Supporters Block Roads, Set Fire, Call for Military Intervention

Leftist Presidential Candidate, Lula Da Silva was yesterday, 30th of October, 2022, declared winner of Brazil’s 2022 General Elections after defeating his right wing opponent, Jair Bolsonaro by a narrow victory. For the last 24 hours since the declaration, Bolsonaro has not breathed a word about the results. However, he had said on national television about three days that he would accept the results whether they were in favor of him or not, because that is what a democracy is all about.

Lula Wins Brazilian Presidency

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was elected president of Brazil this Sunday (30th) with 59,845,508 votes – equivalent to 50.87% of valid votes. On January 1, 2023, he assumes his third non-consecutive term at the head of the Palácio do Planalto and becomes the politician most times taken to the command of the Executive Power by direct vote in the history of the Republic.

Afghan Refugees: Is the USA Using Guyana as a Dumping Ground?

A Demerara Waves article published today states that the United States has asked Guyana to allow Afghan Refugees into Guyana. It did not state if the US would fund the project or offer any kind of financial assistance to aid the process. While I’m all for humanity, and I love the Afghan people, and pray for their well being, bringing them to Guyana under existing circumstances would be like taking them out of the frying pan and putting them into the fire.

PSC Responds to Chairman of Ramps Logistics

We have noted with considerable concern, a statement made by the Chairman of Ramps Logistics Guyana, Mr. Shaun Rampersaud, published in the Stabroek News on 23rd October, 2022, with regard to the Guyanese Private Sector on the subject of our country’s Local Content Policy which has no basis in fact nor reality, which, to say the least, is totally misguided and completely out of place.

Body Found Floating in Mazaruni River

At around 15:00 hrs yesterday, 25th of October, 2022, a female who identified herself as Lis Sam called the Bartica Police Station in Region 7, Guyana, South America, and reported that she received information from one Henry Alphonso, a miner and claim holder at Barakat Mining Concession, that his workers saw what appeared to be a bloated body of a human floating in the Mazaruni River.

Charandass Persaud Tells Woman to “Put the Dog Between Her Legs”

A scathing video has surfaced on social media showing Guyana’s High Commissioner to India, Mr. Charandass Persaud, hurling expletives at a woman in India and telling her to put a dog between her legs. From the video, it appears that an altercation ensued between the woman and Persaud after Persaud removed a dog from his premises. The woman seemed to have been bargaining for a place for the dog to stay. This publication understands that the woman in the video is a professor and an animal activists.

Suspects in Multi-Million Dollar Robbery Placed on Bail

On the 21st of October, 2022, Kasho Hardeo, a 20-year-old barber/construction worker of 223 Track ‘A’ Coldingen, East Coast Demerara, and Hansraj Madhu, a 46-year-old construction worker of 236 Track A Coldingen, were arrested by police and charged on the 25th of Octobr, 2022 for the offence of Break and Enter and Larceny committed on the dwelling house of Yaynauth Ramkissoon, a 34-year-old businessman of Coglan Dam, West Bank Demerara, which occurred on 20th of October, 2022.

Letter: I Was Trafficked, I’m Sorry, and I Need to Come Home (Redirected)

Earlier this year (January, 2022), we had written a story about a Guyanese woman who is trapped in a Syrian Refugee camp with her two children, and who is appealing to the government of Guyana to repatriate her. However, despite being aware of the situation, the government has done little to help. Calls to the Ministry of Foreign Affair by this publication have been met with a Royal Push Around.

Schools Run out of Money As Financial Crisis Looms over England

Trouble in the motherland? Guyana’s former colonizer seems to be wrestling with economic turmoil, and a recent report from a popular UK newspaper suggests that the economic nosedive is affecting education in England. According to a report by the Guardian, nine out of ten schools in England will have run of money by the next school year as they struggle with rising energy costs and salaries.

“Tails of Hope” Advises Against the Use of Fireworks (Redirected)

Tails of Hope is an animal shelter and animal rights group operating in Guyana. Tails of Hope is committed to promoting animal health care awareness, offering professional advice, educational tools, rescue aids and housing to protect animals and to prevent animal cruelty. As we all know, fireworks are not especially friendly to dogs and other animals. In the interest of animals everywhere, the organization has issued a friendly message to all Guyanese of the hazards of fireworks, without mentioning its effects on animals.

Home Builders Can Apply for Free Cement and Steel from Tuesday, 25th

The government of Guyana has announced, via its Department of Public Information, that application forms will be ready from Tuesday, 25th of October, 2022 for persons desirous of applying for the government subsidy of free steel and cement for home construction. President Ali had announced in June 2022 that his administration would be subsidizing home construction with free cement and steel for the construction of new homes. This is part of the the government’s overall agenda to make home ownership a reality for all Guyanese.