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“I’d Rather Die Telling the Truth” – Dion Basom

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4th of October, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News

Last updated: October 4, 2022 at 21:38 pm

Embattled senior detective, Dion Bascom, who was once working on the Fagundes murder case, has released a statement via social media yesterday, 3rd of October, 2022 in which he accused the government and the Guyana Police Force of attempting to dispose of him for telling what he asserts is the truth.

Bascom had made statements implicating Mohamed’s Enterprise in the murder of Ricardo “Paper Shorts” Fugundes who was gunned down in March, 21, 2021 in front of Palm Court Bar while having a night out with former Cartel Boss, Roger Khan. Mohamed’s Enterprise has responded by denying the accusations and slapping Bascom with a 100 million dollar lawsuit. Bascom has also accused members of the Guyana Police Force of accepting bribe to cover up the identify of Fagundes’ killers.

Bascom was relieved of his duties at the Guyana Police Force – a move which many view as having government involvement with autocratic rule.

Full Statement from Mr. Dion Bascom

Good Evening (all),

They started by giving out my number to the suspect who later called me and made threats and also obstructed a murder investigation. Then they put me deep cover, but that didn’t work. Because of my performance, they took me out of the deep. They then transferred me. I went and worked even though when I got to Essequibo, I had no place to stay.

On 3rd of March 2022, I sent a document containing a nine-page statement that explains everything that happened along with other evidence to then acting Commissioner of Police. He received and ignored it. On the 14th of April, I sent a document containing a nine-page statement that explains everything that happened along with evidence to the Minister of Home Affairs and the President. They both received and ignored it.

On the 16th of July, the same Saturday on which the Guyana Police Force hosted the cook up show, I went to the office of the Ministry of Home Affairs where I met the Home Affairs Minister and related to him what had transpired and the treatment that I was getting. He told me to send back the information to him and did, but I did not get back any word from him.

They took my firearm that I was carrying for three years with out any misuses or incident. I survive without it. They docked my firearm license application because after two years, I didn’t get a denial letter and once again I survived with out it. I went to see the Acting Commissioner of Police who chased me from his office. I was hurt and embarrassed but I have overcome it.

They told CANU to put me in the lockups and leave instructions for me to be locked in the cell the entire time. I survived it. They were planning to have me killed. I spoke out and stalled or stop it from happening. They give me several cybercrime charges for speaking the truth. I’m being strong ? and fighting it. They served me a interdiction notice taking away my job, but I’m still surviving.

They sue me for $100,000,000.00 How are they gonna get it? The murder suspect who called me is now suing me for 50 million How is he gonna get it? If they think this will break me, think again. I’m speaking the truth and in the the court the truth will come out. I have no fear of no one as I said before, I’d rather die telling the truth than die with the truth inside of me. I stand by everything I said.

End of Statement

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