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Guyanese Man Claims He Was Doused with “Chemical Agent” at Brickdam Police Station

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10th of October, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: October 10, 2022 at 21:49 pm

A Guyanese businessman who is also a popular social media personality, who goes by the Facebook Name, Anthony Snow, has claimed to have been doused by a “chemical agent” which caused intense burning of his skin and eyes while he was at the Brickdam Police Station in Region 4, Guyana, South America.

Snow was reportedly at the Criminal Investigation Department at Brickdam along with his fiancée to file a report in relation to cybercrime when he felt a burning sensation about his face, neck, and eyes. His fiancee simultaneously said that she was feeling an itching in the throat, and, perhaps proving that the couple was not hallucinating, some of the police ranks present said they were feeling burning in their nostrils, itching in the throats, and they started to cough.

According to a report by Action News Guyana:

Snow was taken out of the office and was given water to wash his face but he continued to complain that his eyes were burning and that he was unable to see. Checks were made in the CID office but nothing of evidential value was found in relation to the burning sensation that Snow and the female, as well as the ranks, were feeling. Nothing was seen and there was no indication that something was dripping from the ceiling in the office. However, an ambulance was summoned and Anthony Snow and the female joined same and left en route to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Source: Action News Guyana

In a live video streamed on Facebook today, Snow was seen squinting his eyes and a female wiping his face. He said, “how does this happen in the police station? I’m surrounded by police and suddenly some strange liquid falls on me. My whole body is on fire and I can’t see….”

Anthony Snow subsequently made the following post on Facebook:

There is no safety in Guyana. Nowhere is safe for decent people. This country has not changed. I am calling in an immediate investigation into what transpired at Brickdam Police Station between the hours of 12pm and 1:30pm when myself and Fiancee were attacked with a chemical agent. Who were the officers in duty and in that room at that moment? Please show the video to the public. All videos from Brickdam Police station between those hours. Papa Snow Live from Guyana

About two hours later, he made the following post:

Back at the hospital getting properly checked. Will be checked by both private and public. Just for safety and second options. Lawyers have been contacted and evidence will be tested to see what substance was used on us in today’s attack at Brickdam Station in Guyana. Papa Snow Live from Guyana. This needs to be investigated……

This publication understands that Anthony Snow’s correct name is Anthony Sean Correia.

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