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The Tragic Death of Analee Gonsalves

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14th of October, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: October 15, 2022 at 19:28 pm

After nearly two months of suffering, 20-year-old Analee Gonsalves succumbed today, 14th of October, 2022 while receiving medical care at the West Demerara Regional Hospital in Region 3. Her death is one of the most tragic in the history of Guyana not only because of the painful way in which she died, but also the fact that she was murdered by a man whose duty was to love and protect her. Compounding the tragedy is the fact that she leaves behind two young children who will be left to grow up without a mother, because she is dead, and also without a father, because he is clearly incapable and the justice system will put him away (hopefully).

Analee showed up on Tuesday, 23rd of August, 2022 at the West Demerara Regional Hospital in Region 3 with severe burns about her body. At first, the doctors were told that she was burned after a pot of porridge “exploded” and fell on her. However, that flimsy excuse which was being peddled by her in-laws was soon discarded. The young woman confided in her parents when they came to visit her at the hospital that it was her husband who had burned her. At the time, she was too weak to go into details, but it was subsequently established that Analee’s husband, Ajay Persaud, who had been in the habit of abusing her, had burnt the young woman and fled the scene.

According to a deathbed statement given to authorities by Analee (posted below), Persaud became enraged because one of his clothing wasn’t prepared in time – which led to an argument between them, during which Analee hit down Persaud’s bird cage. This further infuriated Persaud who them threw methylated spirits on the young woman and set her on fire.

After burning his wife, Persaud fled the scene.

On the run for nearly two months, Persaud was arrested by Police on Sunday, 9th of October 2022 at Sukhpaul’s Service Station in Corriverton, Berbice where he had been hiding out. Acting on information received, the police swooped down on the premises and captured the suspect in a sting operation. He was charged with attempted murder and remanded to prison. However, the police say the charge will be upgraded to murder once the post mortem results are out.

Guyana’s lopsided justice system often gives criminals a field day as the punishment often does not fit the crime – leaving many criminal-minded people to think that they can get away with murder. We trust that justice will be served in this case.

Team Guyana, South America extends heartfelt condolences to the relatives and friends of Analee Gonslaves. May her beautiful soul rest in peace.

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