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Corentyne Teacher Allegedly Assaulted by Bully

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15th of October, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: October 15, 2022 at 20:42 pm

A teacher attached to the Skeldon High School in Region 6 alleges that he was assaulted by one Mr. Linden Murray after he disputed scores during the sporting event. The teacher further alleges that police officers were grossly inefficient in deterring the physical attack. If this is true, we must ask: what are police officers being paid for. Can we allow our country to spiral down such a troubling path?

Full Statement from Sir Arfaz Hoosein

My name is Arfaz Hoosein, a teacher attached to the Skeldon High School in Region 6. On the 14th October, 2022, I was on duty at the Upper Corentyne Interschool Sports where there was a dispute as to the winner of an event.

Having video footage of the event, I was absolutely sure who was the winner and voiced my position after which a man by the name of Linden Murray shouted at me rudely, ‘who am I,’ to which I responded that I am a teacher.

He then grabbed my shirt collar and started tugging on it. I tried to remove his hands which resulted in me getting punched in my face twice. I fell onto the field with blood pouring from my face.

I wish to make pellucid at this point that I am not familiar with Mr. Murray and have never had a prior conversation with him. I did not raise my hands nor return any punches, this was not a fight, it was an unnecessary and unprovoked act of bullying in which a teacher was struck down in front of his peers and students.

Is this an example to be set by adults at a school sport? Needless to say, the incident has left me in a state of trauma.

A few individuals helped me onto a chair and proceeded to administer first aid assistance, however, what was immensely shocking was the fact that neither the policemen nor the organizers of the event offered any assistance in removing my aggressor.

One of the event organisers said that, ‘I was wrong for removing the man’s hand from my shirt.’ The police who were placed there to protect me offered no assistance either before or after the assault. After regaining my composure, I approached one of the policemen and he indicated that I had to go to the station and make a report, he made no effort to speak to Mr. Murray despite having witnessed the incident.

My staff rushed to my defense and even asked the officer why my aggressor roams free where the policeman then got upset, in defense of my assailant.

I made a report at the Springlands police station and received a medical form to be filled at the public hospital. I attempted to see a doctor to get medical attention and to get the medical form filled; however, since, no Guyanese doctor was on duty I was told to return on Monday.

24 hours after making the report, I made contact with the police who informed me that Mr. Murray has filed a claim against me for a “type” of assault and I am to report to the station at 8am Monday morning.

This isn’t shocking since I was informed that Mr. Murray is on the Springland Police Station Fundraising Board. I must mention that Mr. Murray, despite assaulting and wounding me greatly is roaming around like a free man.

A teacher was assaulted at his place of work and this is unacceptable. I need justice for both the physical and emotional trauma he caused me. The swollen mouth, burst lips, bruised cheeks and the blood shed. I was humiliated in front of hundreds of students, teachers and parents just because I was doing my job.

This man Linden Murray is a prominent businessman in the area and is very well known in Corriverton. And it seems he’s above the law, based on the actions or should I say the inactions of the police on the sports grounds.

If nothing gets done, justice will not be served. He is a bully and this cannot go unpunished.

Teachers should be free to perform their duty and should not be attacked by the persons while doing their work. I am willing to take this matter to the courts in order to get justice.

What is the purpose of police at such events? Should Linden Murray be allowed to be a part of such events in the future? Should the organizers and police at such events condone such actions? I hereby call on the Ministry of Education – Guyana , Priya Manickchand, Ministry of Home Affairs- Guyana , Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport – Guyana to look into issues like these in the future.

Several teachers and students who were present are willing to testify to confirm my story and the staff of my school is very upset about what transpired.

It is very sad that an assault occasioning wounding took place in the presence of several policemen and the assailant was allowed to walk freely and leave that ground.

Thank You.

End of Statement

Team Guyana, South America calls on the relevant authorities to investigate this matter and bring the bully to justice if indeed the allegations are true.

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