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Guyanese Citizen Living in London Paints Dismal Picture of “Life in London”

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19th of October, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: October 19, 2022 at 22:26 pm

A Guyanese citizen living in the UK has painted a dismal picture of “life in London” via a Facebook post he made today, 19th of October, 2022. As you may or may not have heard, the UK recently opened up visa-free travel for Guyanese citizens for up to 180 days vacation.

Many Guyanese seem overhyped about this development, but the truth it is, the newfound privilege is not as glorious for the average citizen as it may seem on the surface. Yes, it does mean that the Guyanese passport has gotten a tad bid stronger. It does mean that other first world countries might consider granting visa-free travel to Guyana as well, and it does mean that Guyana’s oil wealth is talking. But this privilege, most all might agree, is geared mostly to the upper class or the financially wealthy.

While Team Guyana, South America does not endorse the political statements contained in the post below, we believe that it does contain enough merits and sound advice about “life in London” and that every Guyanese should consider the travel advisory contained in it.

Facebook Post by Norman Browne


Let me advise the Guyanese people ?? whom I love❤️ and care about to not waste your hard earned money because of Ali’s/ UK?? visa free travel scam for our citizens to come here between November 9 and April ending next year. You will be sorely disappointed ?. The scam is well timed and you must be forewarned that this country’s cost of living has skyrocketed and people are feeling the crunch like never before.

This winter is forecasted to be the coldest to the point where the government will have to subsidise energy for citizens not to die from the cold period this winter. You will be coming to a bleak, wet and agonising period where there is nothing much to see, do or spend on. The Guyanese people must not be tricked into boosting any struggling First World economy especially when the visa is a visitor’s one without the right to work. The UK is not the US where you would easily find a cash in hand job or go to a warm state and buy goods to return and sell.

What is there for Guyanese to enjoy from November 9 in the UK? I would rather suspect that the PPP cronies that are benefiting from the oil wealth can have a different experience here. After all, they may be investing in businesses and properties here in the UK and they will definitely be able to afford the luxury of shopping on London’s High Streets. Then there is the lure of the poor from Guyana to get on flights here with the assurance they can get through the airports with stuff that is not allowed. You will be caught and jailed.

There is hardship here like we have never seen before. People are losing jobs, travel in London has become almost unaffordable, small businesses are closing at an alarming rate. Night clubs, pubs, West Indian food shops and barbershops are decreasing daily. Even if you have your own transportation, driving into central London is nigh on impossible because of the exorbitant Congestion Charge. Imagine huddling in sub zero temperatures in an open top tour bus to see Big Ben and other sites.

Summer time can be different and once properly planned you can enjoy the beauty of London and all it has to offer. People’s spirits are lifted and dark moods disappear. If you have families and friends here, they will be more accommodating. But what concerns me more is why the PPP will go to such lengths to oppress our own citizens by encouraging them to be tricked into going to a foreign country that will offer them absolutely nothing for millions of Guyana dollars for a month’s holiday.

Source: Norman Browne on Facebook

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