October 23, 2022

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“Tails of Hope” Advises Against the Use of Fireworks (Redirected)

Tails of Hope is an animal shelter and animal rights group operating in Guyana. Tails of Hope is committed to promoting animal health care awareness, offering professional advice, educational tools, rescue aids and housing to protect animals and to prevent animal cruelty. As we all know, fireworks are not especially friendly to dogs and other animals. In the interest of animals everywhere, the organization has issued a friendly message to all Guyanese of the hazards of fireworks, without mentioning its effects on animals.

Home Builders Can Apply for Free Cement and Steel from Tuesday, 25th

The government of Guyana has announced, via its Department of Public Information, that application forms will be ready from Tuesday, 25th of October, 2022 for persons desirous of applying for the government subsidy of free steel and cement for home construction. President Ali had announced in June 2022 that his administration would be subsidizing home construction with free cement and steel for the construction of new homes. This is part of the the government’s overall agenda to make home ownership a reality for all Guyanese.

Heartwarming Video of President Ali’s Son Interacting with Other Kid Goes Viral (Redirected)

A heartwarming video showing President Ali’s son interacting with another kid at a Quick Serv location in Georgetown has gone viral and touched the hearts of countless people. The video, posted below, shows President Ali’s son feeding ice cream to a little girl, who is complete stranger to him, in the presence of her parents. Many people have lauded the anecdote as promoting love and unity amongst Guyanese people.

Passengers Protest, Disembark Bus of Reckless Driver

Minibus accidents are frequent in Guyana, and it is largely due to reckless drivers, coupled with the complacency of the passengers who allow them to drive as they please. However, here is one case where all the passengers “held one head” and demanded their rights to safe travel – thus making Guyana’s roadways a tad pit safer. These passengers need to be praised for their heroic act as they have potentially saved the lives of countless people – and themselves.