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Charandass Persaud Tells Woman to “Put the Dog Between Her Legs”

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26th of October, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: October 26, 2022 at 15:16 pm

Advisory: This article contains indecent language in both written and spoken forms.

A scathing video has surfaced on social media showing Guyana’s High Commissioner to India, Mr. Charandass Persaud, hurling expletives at a woman in India and telling her to put a dog between her legs. From the video, it appears that an altercation ensued between the woman and Persaud after Persaud removed a dog from his premises. The woman seemed to have been bargaining for a place for the dog to stay. This publication understands that the woman in the video is a professor and an animal activists.

I don’t need a dog in my yard, all right? You want the dog, take it and put it between your legs. No you probably want the dog to fuck you. That’s what you want. I don’t care. I don’t care who are you. Fuck you! Now listen to me (to guard). Don’t let any woman come in my yard!

Charandass Persaud in heated argument with Indian woman – see video below.

The government of Guyana via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had earlier released a statement that the allegations of verbal abuse has not been substantiated and that the matter is closed. However, following the proliferation of the video on social media in October, 2022, President Ali was compelled to intervene and recall Persaud as High Commissioner to India.

Ali announced via a Press Conference that he had a conversation with Persaud about his unbecoming conduct as seen in the video, and that Persaud agreed to return home. As such, this publication understands that Persaud will be removed from the post and the government will assign another suitable candidate.

According to President Ali, the incident happened since August 2021, but was buried until the video clip started making its rounds on social media – sparking public outcry and calling for the resignation of Mr. Charandass Persaud by both government and opposition supporters.

Charandass Persaud became famous in December, 2018 when he sided with the then opposition PPP/C in a no-confidence motion tabled against the then APNU/AFC government. Persaud crossed the floor and brought his own government down. He was at that time a parliamentarian for the then APNU/AFC government. Fearing for his life, Persaud fled the country the next day for Canada. He returned after the PPP/C victory and Ali’s swearing in August 2020. He was accepted back in the PPP/C government as an official and appointed the post of High Commissioner to India.

Persaud explained on the night of the no-confidence motion that he had joined the APNU/AFC government because he was disgusted by PPP/C corruption, citing that many PPP/C affiliated persons were getting “really rich” while the PPP/C was in the power, and that he wanted more transparent representation for Guyana. He further explained that he voted against his own government because the APNU/AFC government was doing much worse and that the AFC faction to which he belonged was reduced to mere “yes men.”

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