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Survey: Most Guyanese Sorely Disappointed with Results of Oil Exploration in Guyana

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27th of October, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News

Last updated: October 27, 2022 at 13:43 pm

A recent survey carried out by the Guyana, South America publication shows that about 90% of about 200 Guyanese surveyed are sorely disappointed in the results of oil exploration in Guyana since it began in 2015, and starting exporting first oil in late 2019.

Most of the respondents expressed dissatisfaction in the failure of the oil revenues to positively impact the lives of the working class. They argue that most of the money are going into the pockets of the “big boys” while the common man is left to suffer – and will be left in the end with a dilapidated environment.

Here are some of the comments we received from a total of about 200 persons who responded to the survey.

Nothing has gotten easier for the ordinary man. Exploitation at its best in Guyana.

Sorry for Guyana. When they finish doing what they have to do there’s gonna be no fish allot of pollution etc…. Secondly … our resources are sold out ! Third … inflation. Last … Only god knows!

How does oil exploration help the ppl? Only Exxon is winning here.. wake up!

I hope Guyana see a better way. N they don’t leave us like Venezuela. All mess up

Oil discovery in Guyana is a joke.

I just want know when Guyana will actually see some of the money for this investment if any? and when it will benefit we the small man?

Soon we Gon travel to the US without visa

All these discoveries and still we can hardly afford groceries cause the price sky rocketing every frickin day stwwwwww..

More oil more food price going up ?

Will this find ever impact the people that live in Guyana, or continue to line the pockets of the executives?

All these oil discoveries and still Guyana getting harder to live in by the day ?

So many discoveries. But I’m still working for $75,000 a month

Soon we will be under water wen them done finding discoveries n drilling bcz we are below sea level more earthquake and hurricane gon hit we ??

Oil means nothing to public servants when they are only taking home $350 US currency per month.

Y’all feel Guyanese excited about oil production? People trying get out if this corrupt country

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