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Bolsonaro Supporters Block Roads, Set Fire, Call for Military Intervention

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31st of October, 2022. Regional News. Brazil. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: October 31, 2022 at 20:47 pm

Leftist Presidential Candidate, Lula Da Silva was yesterday, 30th of October, 2022, declared winner of Brazil’s 2022 General Elections after defeating his right wing opponent, Jair Bolsonaro by a narrow victory. For the last 24 hours since the declaration, Bolsonaro has not breathed a word about the results. However, he had said on national television about three days ago that he would accept the results whether they were in favor of him or not, because that is what a democracy is all about.

Lula is expected to assume the seat of power on January, 1st, 2023 as Bolsonaro steps down from the presidency.

But Bolsonaro’s radical supporters do not seem to feel the same way as protests erupted across the country today, Monday, 31st of October, 2022. Below are some examples of the ongoing protests across Brazil

Boa Vista, Roraima

With cries of “Lula, thief, your place is in prison”, protestors insist that the election was rigged, without presenting evidence, and invoke article 142 of the Federal Constitution to suggest military intervention. The article is printed on the posters.

This constitutional passage is often cited when supporters of Bolsonaro ask for intervention. Bolsonaro himself made this relationship in 2020. But the article does not deal with the division between the Powers, but describes the functioning of the Armed Forces. And, according to constitutionalists, at no time does he authorize any Power to summon him to intervene in another. Read Story…

Barcarena, Para

▪️According to preliminary information, the demonstration would be in protest against the result of the 2nd round of the elections.
▪️The blockade will prevent cargo access to the ports of Vila do Conde.

Embu Das Artes, Sao Paulo

After closing the Régis Bittencourt Highway, protesters hold a barbecue at the demonstration at the time of Embu das Artes. The protesters are against the result of the general elections, which in this second round elected Lula president. According to information, some smaller trucks left the site, but the vast majority remained. The lanes are blocked in both directions and even on the shoulder it is not possible to transit. Avoid the highways!

Presidente Prudente, Sao Paulo

Bolsonaro protesters begin to block Raposo Tavares highway in front of the Rodotruck post in Prudente. In several parts of the country, truck drivers have stopped the flow of the highway in protest of yesterday’s election result.

Sobradinho, Rio Grande do Sul

Protesters block the ERS-400, near the entrance to Sobradinho. The acts began on the afternoon of Monday, October 31. Tires were placed on both lanes to block and prevent vehicles from passing.
The Sobradinho Military Brigade is on site. According to some protesters, the reason would be the opposition to the result of this Sunday’s presidential election. Traffic is released from time to time and follows normal for Health vehicles.

Bauru, Sao Paulo

Protesters are currently blocking Marechal Rondon Highway between United Nations and Nuno de Assis in Bauru.

We will update this page with more details shortly.

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