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Gov’t Has No Intention of Slowing Down Development Efforts − Minister Susan Rodrigues

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4th of November, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: November 4, 2022 at 21:22 pm

─ says more progress over the next three years

With another three years to its first term in office, the PPP/C Government has no intention of slowing down its efforts that will see the vast economic, infrastructural and social transformation, which is already taking place across the country. Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues said the government is working towards delivering on all promises outlined in its 2020 manifesto.

Speaking Wednesday during her weekly programme ‘Making the case’, Minister Rodriguesdismissed misinformation being peddled by the APNU+AFC. Minister Rodrigues said the government is working every day to ensure citizens’ lives are improved.

In the housing sector, she related that over 11,000 house lots have been allocated within two short years. Some 50,000 will be allocated by 2025. The government has also rolled out a cement and steel programme for homeowners constructing homes for $6 million to $25 million, as part of its commitment to making homeownership affordable. In addition, construction of the Eccles to Mandela highway was completed this year and works are ongoing on the Eccles to Diamond four-lane highway. This she explained, will address traffic congestion along the East Bank of Demerara corridor.

“We’ve been ensuring that we deliver on our commitments to the people and two and a half years in and there is no sign of slowing down. So, you can imagine the next two and a half to three years what will be and how much more progress you will see over the next three years because you now have the first two years that you can compare the progress and the accelerated progress that you have seen in two years. So, in three years, looking ahead, there is much to look forward to,” Minister Rodrigues said.

The housing minister recalled the 2015 to 2020 period when the opposition was in government and failed to deliver on its promises. Some 7,000 sugar workers were fired, 2,000 Community Service Officers (CSOs) in the hinterland were dismissed, and the operations of the Linden call centre closed. Also, the $10,000 Because We Care cash grant under the Ministry of Education was discontinued by the coalition when it assumed office.

“They were so incompetent and so visionless and non-committal that they could not even achieve their first 100-day plan. They never got past the hundred days. So much less the entire APNU/AFC manifesto. Their failed track record in the housing and water sector. Well, that was a miserable track record…. if I were them, I wouldn’t even touch it.”

Addressing the alleged discrimination claims, Minister Rodrigues made it clear that there is no discrimination in the government’s developmental agenda.

“No community is insignificant. No group of people is more or less important to us. All of the people of our country will benefit under our government’s policies and have been benefiting under our government’s policies equally, equally, and equitably. And wherever people are in need and wherever there are problems that have to be solved, the solutions that have to be there have to be met, and we will be there to fix those issues.

With the 2023 Local Government Elections approaching, the minister urged Guyanese to look out for more political rhetoric and misinformation from the APNU+AFC, which she said is an attempt to mislead Guyanese.

Source: Department of Public Information

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