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US-Korean Delegation Expresses Confidence in Guyana’s Economy

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4th of November, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: November 4, 2022 at 18:34 pm

A US-Korean trade delegation has expressed confidence in Guyana’s economy, indicating its interest in investing here. The team met on Wednesday, 2nd of November, 2022, with President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, and other government officials at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC). DPI spoke with a few of the potential investors, who said Guyana is flowing with investment opportunities.

Lawrence Shaefer, CEO, Schaefer Global Management

Lawrence Shaefer, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Schaefer Global Management, disclosed that investment in Guyana is more attractive due to the various changes made in recent years.

“There is more security here, the investment environment is perfect down here, the level of corruption that you would experience in other developing countries, you don’t experience down here, the banking system is stable down here, the access to shipping is easy down here, it just all makes sense,”he said.

He noted that his company is interested in investing in Guyana’s agriculture sector, and in the local workforce.

“We would be bringing in a workforce development training programme to increase the capacity of the people. There are a lot of experienced agricultural workers already here ready to work. They just need some additional skills for some of the technology that we’re bringing in,” Schaefer relayed.

Phillip Churn, CEO, SYZYGY International LLC

Phillip Churn, CEO of SYZYGY International LLC, divulged that a partnership with his company would increase national and economic security.

“With my company, we would offer maritime security, port security, law enforcement security, and military. We can also bring together the operations and intelligence sides to be more predictive and anticipate things happening in the country and the coastal areas as well,” Churn noted.

He added, “I think President Ali has outlined a very strategic plan that will propel Guyana to become one of the premier destinations in the world. That is going to increase the overall gross national product of the company.”

Young Jun Yi, CEO, Yeachon Architects and Urban Planners

Meanwhile, Young Jun Yi, CEO of Yeachon Architects and Urban Planners believes that Guyana is full of potential.

“What is left in Guyana is growth. There are no setbacks, nothing is holding it back. I think that it has a lot of power and energy to grow.”

Moreover, Young Jun Yi expressed that his company’s role is as a master planner in the project of developing the new Silica City here.

K.J Lee, CEO, Global Trade and Finance Inc

K.J Lee, CEO of Global Trade and Finance Inc. expressed similar sentiments, noting that her company intends to facilitate job creation for Guyanese.

“President Ali has a good vision, and that is why we are here today to follow his vision. I think this partnership will be very good for Guyana,” she stated.

The delegation of US and Korean officials also expressed interest in the development of the new Silica City.

Source: Department of Public Information

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