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Guyanese Must be Mindful of False Claims about Discrimination, Racism – Sanjeev Datadin

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5th of November, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: November 5, 2022 at 18:41 pm

Guyanese must be mindful of the few who continue to peddle the false narrative of discrimination and racism in Guyana. Member of Parliament and Attorney at Law Sanjeev Datadin, made the call during his weekly programme, ‘The Thursday Agenda’.

“We have a gentleman in New York… referred to as the keyboard puppet, who held what he called a diaspora event [and] at this event he portrays a country that does not exist. He portrays events that are patently false; he refers to situations that are lies…” the MP noted.

He was making reference to statements made during a recently held Town Hall meeting in Brooklyn, New York organised by People’s National Congress Reform activist and extortion accused  Rickford Burke. This event saw New York officials, who are seeking re-election in the United States upcoming mid-term elections, making false statements about the state of affairs in Guyana.

MP Datadin, while pointing out that these individuals may have been misled, questioned why Burke, who continues to spew these false narratives, has not returned to Guyana.

“He has not been here [ Guyana] for more than a decade or longer … There are people in Guyana…because of the things he has been saying and doing, are trying to sue him [and] they can’t find his address , he will never come to this country, and there are people who have alleged monies owed , there are extortion schemes that involve…the Guyana Police Force [in which] extortion of a businessman…[is purported].”

The MP, while rejecting and denouncing these anti-development tactics by the opposition to score cheap political points, said Burke and other opposition voices, who continue to force their race influenced discrimination accusations against the government, are yet to provide evidence of such.

He reiterated the call to Guyanese to continue to ignore Burke’s empty rhetoric and embrace President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s ‘One Guyana’ vision.

Several government ministers have also denounced this shameful trend by the opposition, of divisive politics and have exposed the inaccuracies with facts.

The PPP/C Government since assuming office in 2020 has implemented a slew of measures and programmes that have benefitted Guyanese all across the country.

The IDB, in its recent report, has noted that the Government of Guyana has been managing the country effectively and transparently.

The government’s people-centred policies are geared towards the upliftment of all Guyanese.

Source: Department of Public Information

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