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Woman Beaten, Verbally Abused, Punished, and Humiliated for Allegedly Stealing Chairs from a Church

A disturbing video circulated today, 7th of July, 2022, on social media which shows a group of persons beating, verbally abusing, punishing, and humiliating a young Guyanese woman for allegedly stealing a number of chairs from a church. Several public figures and organizations have come forward to condemn the act which can be described as using a computer device to humiliate a person. Laws have recently been drafted to criminalize the use of a computer device to humiliate a person.

Opinion: Striking a Delicate Balance (Redirected)

Police have a difficult task: contending with bandits, murderers, thieves, and lawbreakers and troublemakers in general. Consequently, they are trained to be tough, to handle offensive weapons, and to survive under dangerous circumstances. In light of this, the general civilian population whom the police are paid to protect and serve must offer a high level of cooperation. If the police are completely stripped of the respect which the uniform should naturally carry, then there will be an inevitable breakdown of law and order in the country.

Exploitation of the Working Class is Unfortunately Rampant in Guyana

Underpayment, exploitation, and mistreatment of working class citizens serve as a deterrent for Guyanese citizens needing to enter the workforce. It may discourage young people from seeking employment and push them into a life of crime. It may also push talented persons to seek employment abroad – further contributing to the ongoing brain drain from which Guyana has suffered for decades.

“Trafficked” 14-year-old Tells Police She Ran Away from an Abusive Mother

High drama played out across the country of Guyana over the course of the last week, starting from Wednesday, 20th of April, 2022, after a woman came on air to lament that her daughter was trafficked into an interior location and her pleas for help are being ignored by the police and other relevant authorities.

Businessman Said He Kicked Daughter After She Asked Him for Money and Wished Death Upon Him

A Georgetown businessman who is embroiled in a controversy involving domestic abuse and violence against women has told his side of the story. The businessman, whose name is Devanand Singh, has been charged on April, 1st, 2022 for inflicting grievous bodily harm and threatening language. He appeared on a Guyanese Critic Live Show to explain his side of the story. He showed up with his wife, son, other daughter, and two other close relatives to conduct an hour-long interview aimed at clearing his name.