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Arya Ali Sets Out to Raise $60 Million to Provide One Year Supply of Sanitary Pads to Female Students

So far, distribution of sanitary pads has commenced in secondary schools in Regions one, five, six and ten, while women from indigenous communities in region one are also benefitting from this project. It is my hope that in a few years, we will be able to provide full coverage to all women and girls in Guyana, making us the first country in Latin America and the Caribbean to achieve this.

Guyanese Artist Unveils Stunning Portrait of First Lady Adorned with Gold and Precious Stones (Redirected)

Guyana’s First Lady, Arya Ali, was yesterday presented with a portrait of herself created by Guyanese artist, Compton Babb. The announcement was made by the First Lady via her Facebook Page. Mrs. Ali called the portrait “a captivating and truly amazing piece of artistic work.” And she referred to the artist, Compton Babb, as “one of our finest creatives.”