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Den Amstel Residents Expresses Gratitude to Irfaan Ali Administration

Residents of Den Amstel, West Coast Demerara (WCD), Region Three, Guyana, South America, have given the PPP/C Government high commendation for fulfilling its commitment to developing their community. Chairman of the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), Kenton Hilliman, said Tuesday, that the many interventions, particularly in the areas of roads, and drainage and irrigation have significantly benefitted farmers and the over 3,000 residents of the village.

Heartwarming Video of President Ali’s Son Interacting with Other Kid Goes Viral (Redirected)

A heartwarming video showing President Ali’s son interacting with another kid at a Quick Serv location in Georgetown has gone viral and touched the hearts of countless people. The video, posted below, shows President Ali’s son feeding ice cream to a little girl, who is complete stranger to him, in the presence of her parents. Many people have lauded the anecdote as promoting love and unity amongst Guyanese people.

Jagdeo is a “Man of Great Integrity and Honor” – Captain Gerry Gouveia

After the recent accusations by Vice News that Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo is heavily involved in fraud and is “selling out Guyana,” a slew of friends and fans have come forward to write strong statements of support for the Vice President, defending his honor. This piece was written by prominent Guyanese citizen and aviation pioneer, Captain Gerry Gouveia.

Shuman Throws Support Behind Jagdeo in Light of Recent Controversy

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Mr Lennox Shuman, in a letter to the Editor yesterday, 21st of June, 2022, threw full support behind Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo after allegations leveled by Vice News that he was heavily involved in corrupt practices. “…the same humble young man that I once knew, has become a brilliant tactician in a country that otherwise would have been relegated to a dictatorship had it not been for his efforts.”

Jagdeo Says that Vice News Videoed Him Without His Knowledge or Consent

Vice President, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, said today that Vice News has reputational issues globally, and suggested that they are eager to produce sensationalized content which appeals to a US audience such as showing corrupt third world leaders and portraying China’s dominance of of the world. He posited that the publication is profit driven because they have to produce what sells. Further, the Vice President said he doesn’t blame Vice News for carrying out the undercover operation which failed to link him to corruption.

Aubrey Norton Says that President Ali Had Physical Contact with Him Without His Consent

Leader of the opposition APNU/AFC, Aubrey Norton, today seemed irate when he appeared in a live Facebook broadcast and said that the president bullied him into shaking his hands. Norton alleged that he was “in his corner” when the president showed up “with a set of cameras” and attempted to shake his hand. He said he refused, but President Ali bullied him into a handshake – an act which seems to have caused Norton some amount of emotional distress.