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Traditional 7-Curry Dish Grossly Misrepresented – Dr. Josh Kanhai

A European social media influencer made a brief tour of Guyana a few days ago. He stopped at a few local spots to showcase Guyana’s rich cultural heritage including Guyanese cuisine. However, one of his videos depicting seven curry has drawn a negative reaction from a section of the Guyanese population – emotions ranging from disgust to anger. According to people who know better, the traditional, famous seven curry – has been grossly misrepresented – not by the European influencer who is helplessly ignorant of the correct ingredients, but by the Guyanese restaurant owner who was introducing the dish to him.

Ministry of Amerindian Affairs Apologizes to Amber Andrews and Others

Guyana’s Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, which organizes the Amerindian Heritage Pageant, has issued a formal apology to Miss Amber Andrews and other contestants who were affected by an error in the tallying of scores on the night of the Heritage Pageant. According to the Ministry, the error in the tallying of the judges’ scores resulted in an erroneous crowning of Miss Andrews as well as erroneous placements of other contestants.

Breaking…Amber Andrews Says She will NOT Reign as Queen

The young indigenous woman who was crowned on the evening Saturday, 17th of September, as Amerindian Heritage Queen 2022-2024 has made a Press Release via her Facebook Page stating that she will NOT reign as queen because she will be stripped of her crown. She says she was “informed” that the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs will take the crown away from her, because it was given to her error, and give it to another contestant, possibly the first runner up. However, she did not mention who informed her of this development and this publication sincerely questions the legitimacy of this proposal.

The Death of My Son is a Life Sentence of Grief – Fadia Reynolds Tells Her Story (Redirected)

Fadia Reyolds lost her son in a tragic accident along the Soesdyke-Linden Highway on the fateful evening of Tuesday, Jan 14, 2022. It was a tragedy that would change her life in ways she didn’t imagine possible. Fadia’s relationship with her beloved son was an exemplary one – a reality which made losing him almost unbearable. This is her story….

Exploitation of the Working Class is Unfortunately Rampant in Guyana

Underpayment, exploitation, and mistreatment of working class citizens serve as a deterrent for Guyanese citizens needing to enter the workforce. It may discourage young people from seeking employment and push them into a life of crime. It may also push talented persons to seek employment abroad – further contributing to the ongoing brain drain from which Guyana has suffered for decades.

Chief Medex, Lolita Ribeiro, Loses Battle with Cancer

Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health, Lolita Ribeiro, passed away last evening, 26th of April, 2022, after losing a year-long battle with cancer. She was 45 years old at the time of her death. Ms. Ribeiro was diagnosed with cancer in late April, 2021 after testing positive for Covid-19. She was treated in both Guyana and Suriname. In January, 2022, she reported feeling better and was back on duties as Chief Medex.