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Food and Drugs Officials Wrongfully Seized Brazilian Products Labeled in English

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17th of June, 2021. Georgetown, Guyana, South America

Last updated: June 22, 2021 at 6:44 am

This article references the previous article: Food and Drugs Department Seizes 4 Million Dollars Worth of Brazilian Products.

In an apparent sting operation yesterday, 16th of June, 2021, where a quantity of Brazilian Products was seized by officials from the Food and Drug Department, a number of products which were labeled in English were also seized on the grounds that they were not labeled in English.

At around 3 PM yesterday, 16th of June, 2021, four officials from the Food and Drug Department: Carol Edwards, Triston Jones, Jennel Rodney, and Suzanna Atkins, along with a driver, arrived at the home of the businessman and requested to have access to his merchandise. They proceeded to seize the products on the grounds of not having English labels.

Mr. Persaud explained to this publication that since he never paid particular attention to the label on the products – since they are perfumes and colognes the label of which is not of much significance, he was not aware that all products manufactured by the Boticario company in Brazil carry English translations on the labels. In this context, the Food and Drugs officials had no right to seize those products, but they did.

Boticario products with English translations seized by the Food and Drugs officials yesterday include at least 12 Malbec Giftsets (perfume and underarm spray), and 11 Coffee colognes with a total estimated retail value of $316,000.

The businessman related that when he contacted the Boticario company in Brazil to request English translations of the labels, they explained to him that the products already have English translations on the labels, as can be seen from the photos below.

Editor’s Note: This publication is amazed that officials from the Food and Drugs Department in Guyana cannot even read properly.

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