November 2022

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Tafari Layne Turns 19

Earlier this year, we featured Mr. Telford Layne as our father of the year in our article, Mr. Telford Layne Congratulates his Son. Well, it seems that we might have to feature Mr. Telford Layne once again as father of the year after seeing a Facebook post he made about his son, Tafari Layne, turning 19 years old.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder – by Reanna Nickram (Redirected)

We’ve decided to reprint this beautiful article which was posted on the Facebook Page of the author, Reanna Nickram, because it does an awesome job of illustrating the beauty, diversity, and richness of this great land of ours. For locals, it just reinforces what we already know. Reanna Nickram is a Guyanese citizen who resides with her family in Lethem, Region 9. In this beautiful anecdote, she expresses her profound love and patriotism for her country of birth, Guyana.