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Poetry: To My Dear Daughter – by Joshini Ganesh

This beautiful poem was sent in by one of our fans, Joshini Ganesh, who says she…

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Aye Dil – A Poem for my Dad

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Aye Dil – A Poem for my Dad

by Shazeena Watts Bacchus

Night befalls.

I am still wide awake.

Who am I waiting for!

Who is it that my EYES are tearing up for!

Who are they that my eyelid keeps rising up wanting to see!

Aye dil,how long will you wait!

For as many lifetimes it takes my eyes smiles!..

Its strikes 12 and here I am.. Still waiting…

Was that your voice! Your footsteps coming!

your love calling me!

I ran… My heart can’t take this happiness..

You finally came!

Oh how I miss you!

love you!

waited for you!

secretly, heartachely!

I was, I am, and I will always be yours!

Finally it’s what I wanted to hear!

Aye dil,no one has ever returned from that place!

Whispers say to me – Aye dil, you carry around a lifetime of love!

Make that suffice until there is more to gain!

Aye dil,my heart can’t take this much pain…

Night befalls! Yet my eye lids are still rising to see you!

Alas,my eyes lowered!

There you were! I found you!

You live in my heart! my eyes!

Hamesha I will hide you there! Continue soaring! Smiling!

I promise I will! For you!!!!!!!

Miss you papa! buddy!😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔

Author’s Note: Eye Dil means “O Heart.”

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A Trip into the Mountains

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First Published: 11th of December, 2021

Last updated: December 11, 2021 at 20:33 pm

Here is a beautiful story I found on a Bolivian Tourism site and decided to adapt it and publish it here because the story shares many similarities with the country of Guyana. Even though the story most likely did not originate in Guyana, it is very applicable to the people of Guyana and contains many important life lessons relevant to all Guyanese.

Dad, What is it Like to be Poor?

A businessman, wanting his son to know what “being poor,” felt like, took him to spend a couple of days in the mountain with a peasant family. They spent three days and two nights in their modest home.

In the car, returning, the father asked his son, “What did you think of the experience?”

“Good,” replied the son staring into the distance.

“And… What did you learn?” the father insisted

The son replied:

1. – That we have a dog, and they have four.

2. – We have a hot tub.. and they have an endless river, of crystal clear water, where there are little fish.

3. – That we have reflectors to light up our garden, while they rise with the stars and the moon.

4. – Our yard reaches the fence, and theirs reaches the horizon.

5. – That we buy our food; they sow and reap theirs.

6. – We hear CD’s… They hear a perpetual symphony of swallows, frogs, sheep, cues, and other little animals.

7. – We cook in microwave ovens… Them, everything they eat has that wood stove flavor.

8. – To protect ourselves, we live surrounded by a wall, with alarms. They live with their doors open, protected by the friendship of their neighbors.

9. – We live connected to smartphone, Facebook, TV. They instead are “connected” to life, to heaven, to sun, to water, to green mountains, to animals, to their seeds, to their family.

The father was shocked by the depth of his son, and then the son ended, “Thank you dad, for teaching me how poor we are and how rich they are.”

Let’s not forget the timeless truth: the best things in life are free. If this story blessed your heart, please share it to bless the heart of someone.

Source: Bolivia 360

Meet Aurelia Ibrahim – Guyana’s 13-Year-Old Published Author

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First Published: 11th of October, 2021 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: July 5, 2022 at 15:03 pm

Aurelia has always been in love with words. At the age of four, she found her mother’s copy of “Julius Caesar” and read it from cover to cover and has since devoured many pieces of literary works that even adults may find daunting.

These are the worlds of Aurelia’s mom, susan ibrahim.
“Teachers,” is a sample taken from Aurelia’s first book, a collection of poems entitled, “A Little Poet’s World.”

The success of Aurelia Ibrahim at such a young age in one of the world’s most competitive and challenging industries is yet another beautiful example of a parent’s ability to recognize a child’s latent talents and abilities and help them to harness it. This key concept is the backbone of the success story of young Guyanese author, Aurelia Ibrahim, who is the published author of her first book, “A Little Poet’s World,” and who is working on her second book which is to be released soon.

Aurelia (right), along with her mom, Susan, and her sister, Kate.

Aurelia Ibrahim was born on the 16th of March, 2008. Her mom, Susan, is a make-up artist by profession and CEO of SAKS Makeup Artistry. Her dad, Shafwaz, is an architectural engineer, and founder and CEO of SAKS Consultant and Drafting Corps in Georgia, USA. Aurelia has just one sibling, 9-year-old Kate Ibrahim who is currently a student of Mae’s Primary School.

Can you believe that such enlightening words spring from the pen of a 10 year old?

Aurelia attended Mae’s Nursery and Primary in Georgetown, Region 4, Guyana, South America. She then moved on to Marian Academy where she is presently in Grade 9 (Form 3).

Aurelia and her younger sister, Kate, share a moment of fun in the sun.

The young Aurelia was passionate about writing, art, and literature from a very tender age, and she was showered with literature books and other reading material from “since she was a baby.” However, Aurelia’s mom, Susan, relates that it was Aurelia’s 5th grade teacher, Shelly, who first noticed the young girl’s exceptional writing talent and brought it to her mother’s attention.

One of Aurelia’s customers/fans pose with a copy of her book, “A Little Poet’s World.”

The poem was “Secret Garden.“ Teacher Shelly asked to see me and her exact words were, “Susan you have a talented daughter, and you should publish her writing. Waste no time.” And I followed her advice, and it was months after…she was still 10…that we officially launched her book…which was September 2018.

“Secret Garden,” is a sample taken from Aurelia’s first book, a collection of poems, “A Little Poet’s World.”

Aurelia, with the help of her mother, published her book, a collection poems, at the tender age of ten.

Get your copy today at Austin’s Book Services

You can support Aurelia’s literary and artistic work and cheer her all the way to the top of the ladder of success by liking and following Aurelia’s social media pages where you will be updated with her upcoming books and other projects.



Remember that you can also walk into Austin’s Book Services in Georgetown, Region 4, Guyana, South America and grab your copy of a “A Little Poet’s World” at any time!

Aurelia’s personal website and Amazon author page are coming soon!

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The Maniac and the Lady Cockroach – Guyanese Liteature

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First Published: 4th of May, 2021

Last updated: May 5, 2021 at 1:25 am

The following poem was sent in to us by Guyanese author, Pushpa Jagnandan. Through poetic language, she explores the struggles and fate of women who suffer domestic abuse and violence. Pushpa is also the author of Plucky the Chicken.

With great speed she ran

And hid under the fan. 

He came searching for her,

Throwing down the fan to injure her. 

She sped under the bed.

Hoping he’d come looking for her

And hit his head. 

But he bent down and peeked at her. 

He began spraying her with poison: 

Shouting like a maniac: 

“You’re in my house!”

“This is my house!” 

“You are so weak; I can crush YOU with my bare hands.”

“You don’t have a job!”

“You eat MY FOOD!” 

“Worthless, scrawny, good for nothing, Lady Cockroach!”

The lady cockroach ran out from under the bed, 

And tried to squeeze through the door. 

The maniac followed her and squeeze her abdomen with the door. 

She yelled but no one heard her,

Only the one in her abdomen felt the pain they shared. 

“There is no escape!” The maniac shouted. 

The Lady Cockroach was heavy, tired and in pain. 

She gave up the fight. 

No one from the colony came to defend her.

Tomorrow, on social media all of her friends will write up how sorry they are.

Tomorrow, the news will have her name read:

‘Pregnant Lady Cockroach killed by Maniac.’ 

Some will say, he only loved her like an insect…just waiting to kill her. 

Some won’t stop asking, “why didn’t she leave sooner?” 

Well, it’s because her colony failed her. 

Our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends are sometimes treated like insects,

And we don’t do enough for them.

by Pushpa Jagnandan

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Guyanese Woman Publishes Inspiring Children’s Book

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Available on Amazon

First Published: 3rd of May, 2021

Last updated: July 17, 2022 at 17:42 pm

A young Guyanese woman living in the Bronx has published her first children’s book, which, aside from being beautifully illustrated and entertaining, incorporates a beautiful theme that inspires children to develop a healthy body and mind.

Plucky, the little white hen, has a mishap when the crate in which she is riding falls off the back of Mr. Chubbs’ truck. As Plucky is healing, Dr. HubLub, the veterinarian, teaches her about healthy living. Just as with children, Plucky is not always thrilled with the changes she must make in order to become a healthier hen. Gently persuaded by Dr. HubLub, she learns to enjoy good food, pure water, fresh air, and exercise. This book is a fun way to introduce children to the eight laws of health.

About the Author

Pushpa can be contacted on email:

Pushpa Jagnandan is originally from Guyana and currently lives in The Bronx, New York. While living in Guyana, she studied linguistics at the University of Guyana before marrying and having children. She attends the Morris Park Seventh-day Adventist Church in The Bronx.

A sentence from the book, “The Ministry of Healing,” by E.G White, inspired her to write this book to encourage children to learn healthy habits at a young age. Here is the quote: “Our Lord Jesus Christ came to this world as the unwearied servant of man’s necessity…that He might minister to every need of humanity.”

Pushpa admits that she loves snacking on Granny Smith apples sprinkled with salt and pepper and spending time with her family.

Get your copy or learn more today!

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Mr. Telford Layne Congratulates His Son

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First Published: 24th of September, 2020

Last updated: September 24, 2020 at 14:16 pm

Mr. Telford Layne is a prominent Guyanese writer and social media personality. He is also the author of “The True Meaning of Emancipation.”

We’ve decided to enshrine this beautiful article into our archives of Guyanese literature not simply because of its literary value, but also because it highlights some noble standards of parenting.

Look for Your Child’s Talent:

He is more technical and thoughtful. Knows exactly what he wants and formulates a mental plan before heading out.

As parents, we need to seek our children’s abilities and help to guide and equip them for a profession or career that suits such abilities.

Pay Attention to Your Child.

He wanted to go with his sister at Bishops, but got Saint Joseph

In this article, you will notice that Mr. Layne knew exactly which school his child wanted to attend even since in Primary school.

Sow Words of Encouragement into Your Child’s Ears.

Now go with my blessings son, recreate Guyana’s skyline . Your mom and I believe in your natural abilities in creating something out of nothing.

These words are like seeds which grow into trees of success and bear fruits in later years. Prophesy success and greatness into your child.

Congratulate Your Child

Finally, the piece highlights a crucial aspect of parenting: congratulate your child for what he or she has achieved thus far.

My champion, my only son. He is more technical and thoughtful. Knows exactly what he wants and formulates a mental plan before heading out.

He wanted to go with his sister at Bishops but got Saint Joseph

He wrote 10 subjects 100% pass.
English A -1
English B -1
Principles of business -1
Geography 3
Physics- 2
Electrical technology -3
Social studies -2
Mathematics -2
Building technology -1
Information technology -2

He has decided not to waste the next two years going back to 6 forms.

He is starting his university life next month doing Environmental and Civil Engineering.

Congratulations Tafari. So proud of you.

Now go with my blessings son. Recreate Guyana’s skyline . Your mom and I believe in your natural abilities in creating something out of nothing.

Credits: Mr. Telford Layne

Guyanese Literature

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First Published: 23rd of September, 2020

Last updated: July 9, 2022 at 8:11 am

Guyanese Literature includes stories, poems, novels, articles etc written by Guyanese authors. We will choose to enshrine as many classic pieces of literature into this publication under the heading, “Guyanese Literature.”

We will choose literature that inspire, entertain and educate.

Would you like to submit your work of literature for inclusion in the Guyana, South America literature showcase? If so, please email us at:


Poetry: To My Dear Daughter