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Charity and Charitable Organizations

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First Published: 1st of August, 2020

Last updated: August 1, 2020 at 14:00 pm

Doing Business is One Thing; Giving in Charity is Another

Guyanese have always held dear the value of charity. Coming from varying backgrounds, Guyanese have always united in helping each other. In cases where money is lacking, charity is needed. It is through these initiatives that many Guyanese have been able to reach higher levels of enlightenment and personal satisfaction in having done something for someone which they won’t need to repay.

Hand Wash Hand…

You’ve probably heard the old proverb, “hand wash hand make hand clean.” It’s a Guyanese proverb which means that we can elevate ourselves by helping each other. And this help often takes the form of charity – where people who are better off financially give to the less fortunate with no expectations of returns.

You Haven’t Had a Perfect Day

You’ve probably also heard the timeless adage, “you haven’t had a perfect day unless you’ve done something for someone which they will never be able to repay.” It is in this spirit that many charitable organizations in Guyana were formed by people who help those in need and never look back.

Charity Begins at Home

Charity begins at home. That’s what we’ve been taught since primary school. Many of us believe that we must help members of our families before we can even go further. Having fulfilled all the needs of family members, the family in turn helps others outside of itself – creating a cycle of good which we believe return not by the hand of of man but through divine providence.

Guyanese understand the concept of “Charity Beings at Home.” And that is not limited to the family home, but the homeland of Guyana. That is why many Guyanese, after becoming successful in overseas territories, seek to help the struggling and less fortunate back in their homeland of Guyana.

Under this heading, we will list charitable organizations of Guyana.

If you have a charitable organization in Guyana or that serves Guyanese that you would like us to feature, please email us at

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