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Aye Dil – A Poem for my Dad

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Aye Dil – A Poem for my Dad

by Shazeena Watts Bacchus

Night befalls.

I am still wide awake.

Who am I waiting for!

Who is it that my EYES are tearing up for!

Who are they that my eyelid keeps rising up wanting to see!

Aye dil,how long will you wait!

For as many lifetimes it takes my eyes smiles!..

Its strikes 12 and here I am.. Still waiting…

Was that your voice! Your footsteps coming!

your love calling me!

I ran… My heart can’t take this happiness..

You finally came!

Oh how I miss you!

love you!

waited for you!

secretly, heartachely!

I was, I am, and I will always be yours!

Finally it’s what I wanted to hear!

Aye dil,no one has ever returned from that place!

Whispers say to me – Aye dil, you carry around a lifetime of love!

Make that suffice until there is more to gain!

Aye dil,my heart can’t take this much pain…

Night befalls! Yet my eye lids are still rising to see you!

Alas,my eyes lowered!

There you were! I found you!

You live in my heart! my eyes!

Hamesha I will hide you there! Continue soaring! Smiling!

I promise I will! For you!!!!!!!

Miss you papa! buddy!????????

Author’s Note: Eye Dil means “O Heart.”

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