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Did you know that Guyana is a powerhouse of talent and potential? Guyana, South America has produced some of the world’s greatest doctors, lawyers, engineers, mathematicians, entrepreneurs, authors, artists…and the list goes on. But as the saying goes, it’s a “hidden gem.”

My purpose is to dig up the Guyanese talent from under the rock that is hiding it and showcase it for the world to see.

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Meet Caleb Benjamin – the University Student who is a Professional Photographer on the Side

Meet Rising Star, Singer and Performer, Galina Edmund of Paruima Village, Region 7

Meet Guyana’s Youngest Professional Painter – Kuwanau Roberts

Navin Hanraj, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, is a Talented Guyanese

Meet Mr. Manley Thomas, An Outstanding and Inspiring Guyanese

Meet Sir Kenrick Lewis – Headmaster of St. Ignatius Secondary

Meet Ryan Huckumchand – A Talented Guyanese Singer and Video Producer

Guyanese Born, Denise D’Aguiar, Shares Her Experience as an English Teacher in Brazil

Meet 8-Year-Old Art Enthusiast, Deshonna London

Meet the Guyanese Woman Whose Passion is Caring for God’s Creatures

South Rupununi Woman Tells Heartwarming Story of Pet Tapir

Professional Painter and Craftswoman, Sheliza Rampersaud, Is a Talented Guyanese

Jerry Marco – A Talented Artist

Guyanese Born, Tauseef Baksh, is a Rising Star in the Music Industry

Meet Stephanie – the Economics Student Pursuing Her Passion for Singing

Practicing at Her Own Private Clinic in St. Lucia, Dr. Celia McConnel’s Story Inspires Many

Meet Aurelia Ibrahim – Guyana’s 13-Year-Old Published Author

Guyanese Born Sharon Maas is an International Best Selling Author

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