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Guyanese Singer, Poonam Singh is a Talented Guyanese

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First Published: 24th of September, 2020. Guyana, South America

Last updated: September 24, 2020 at 14:55 pm

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Copied from the Facebook Page of Ms. Poonam Singh:

My dad is lorry driver and a hardworking farmer. My mother is stay-at-home mom and a devoted housewife. I have a sweetheart 26 year old big sister who’s a physiotherapist and a caring 19 year old little brother who’s a budding civil engineer.

Couple years ago, my family and I were living in a very small flat house. My siblings and I shared one room where the roof was leaking when the rain would fall, yet we slept not entirely comfortably but completely happy.

My house had no AC/WiFi… I would go to my cousin’s in Georgetown, to post videos on Facebook of me doing covers so that people could see and hear my talent.

I would be so disheartened by the mean comments from people who thought I was talentless, yet I didn’t give up. Despite my situation and circumstances, I held tightly unto my dreams and goals and I told myself that if I continue to work hard and focus on myself, I’ll get to where I wish to be one day.

FAST FOWARD TODAY: I signed a deal with HÄAGEN DAZS ice-cream (an icecream I would only dream to taste as a child because my parents couldn’t afford it) to be one of their brand icon for Guyana & the Caribbean.

I also have a new single to be released by a record label called “Empire”! And the cherry on top of all this is the fact that I’m almost completed with the testing stage of products for my organic skincare company.

I do not have a team of people to help or guide me (as yet). I learn from my mistakes and gain experiences by managing myself.

I am welling up as I type this because nobody truly knows how hard I work for every accomplishment of mine. And if I, a country girl who came from absolutely NOTHING, can do it, then MY LOVE SO CAN YOU!!!

Don’t let your situation be an excuse for you to not pursue your goals. Don’t let negative voices be the reason for you to stop doing what you love. When they tell you that you can’t, show them that you can.

Given everything that’s happening here and all around the world, I know that your mental health is affected in some way but please don’t give up on your dreams. Whether it’s big or small if it makes you happy don’t give up on it.

Let your share of trying times help shape you into the person you truly are.

***Thoughts I reflected upon as I stood in my veranda today… ***

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ashmini cynthia samaroo
ashmini cynthia samaroo
3 years ago

hi i think i am in a similar position as you and i wish to be like you one day i love you

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