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Guyana Nice!!! – By Pastor Wendell Jeffrey

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This article was first published on the 28th of June, 2020.

Last updated: June 28, 2020 at 15:22 pm

In the midst of the all the political chaos and division, here’s a heartwarming story by Pastor Wendell Jeffrey to bless your Sunday. Pastor Wendell Jeffrey is founder and President of the Practical Christian Ministries in Georgetown, Guyana.

Today I went on my usual Sunday market shopping spree, at the LaPenitence Market. My wife Celia gave me a bag to put in the things I bought but I purchase more items than can fit in the one bag.

On my way back, as I rode over a speed bump, one of the pawpaws fell through the plastic bag and unto the road way. What immediately followed got me really emotional.

A lady standing at the side of the road, quickly alerted me of what had happened. As I stopped to turn around, a man on a bicycle picked up the pawpaw and brought it to me. As he is handing it to me another man brings a black plastic bag and opened it for me to put in the pawpaw.

As I am trying to put the pawpaw and the other things that were in the burst bag, into the plastic bag that was just handed to me, a car stopped and a guy comes out with a green shopping bag and handed it to me.

I placed the items from the burst bag into the shopping bag and continued on my way home, with a tear in my heart, saying to myself. “We shall make it! Guyana nice!”

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