Professional Painter, Sheliza Rampersaud, Is a Talented Guyanese

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26th of August, 2020. Guyana, South America.

Last updated: May 5, 2021 at 0:06 am

If you would like to purchase any of Sheliza’s amazing paintings, she can be contacted on email: or WhatsApp (592) 692-7858.

Sheliza Rampersaud describes herself as a 26-years old “creative human” who grew up on the on the East Coast of Demerara, Guyana, South America. The youngest of three siblings, she has a passion for creating art, traveling, cooking and reading.

I started doing art when I was in primary school. I was always doodling and drawing at the back of my books and I had gotten a consistency of A’s and A+ on all my art tests and my class teacher was very encouraging and advised me to keep practicing my skills.

Ms. Rampersaud attended Tutorial High School where she was further exposed to art and became intrigued to learn more and develop her skills. She decided later on that she wanted to be an artist and went into the Art stream in High School. After graduating, she was encouraged again by a few teachers to go and further her studies at the E. R Burrowes School of Arts.

As a teenager and coming from a broken home, I used art as a way to escape from my reality and hence it became important to me. Getting my mother to agree to send me to art school was a challenge by itself because she wanted me to excel at something else such as business or science. But I was persistent about knowing who I want to become and eventually she caved and I got registered to attend BSA.

Sheliza relates that, upon arriving at Burrowes, her mind was opened to so many other aspects of art given that it was an entire new level and adventure to explore. It also gave her the opportunity to go to places and meet some of the most amazing creative humans, some of whom she has made lasting friendships with.

Sheliza spent three years at the E.R Burrowes School of Arts and, although it wasn’t easy, made it through and graduated in 2014. She was in the top 3 of her year graduating class and received a Diploma in Fine Arts. Her class of 2014 was the first batch to graduate from the now Institute of Creative Arts, E.R Burrowes School of Arts.

The young girl relates that, after graduating, she began painting professionally, but it was difficult getting a job in the art field and it became quite a struggle for her, so she put it aside and got a 9-5 job in sales.

Sheliza has taken part of many exhibitions across Guyana and has done over a 100 paintings in total. Currently she’s a member of two art groups:

  1. The Moving circle of Artists (MCA)–which was founded by the late George Simon who was one of Guyana’s most renowned and talented artist and archeologist.
  2. Kayap–which is a group of young artists trying to make a space for themselves in the art society.

After joining MCA in 2018, I was given the opportunity to travel to Region 9 to teach work shops on art. I can most definitely say that, given nature being my number one inspiration, I fell instantly in love and at home in the Rupununi and I loved spending time there.

Aside from being a painter, Sheliza is also a ceramist, a professional face and body painter, a crafter and a part time art teacher. She is mostly a landscape painter but, as she put it, “dabbles in other areas of art too.”

She has recently taken up an interest in photography, and, although she has no professional experience in the field, she is teaching herself bit by bit though Google and YouTube. Currently she is working as a crafter and sales rep at Everything Makes Craft (EMC) which is a company that makes local products from mainly upcycle materials. She has also been doing painting on the side from taking orders or commissioned pieces.

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Christine DeCambra-Forrester
Christine DeCambra-Forrester
9 months ago

Absolutely awesome and beautiful paintings! Sheliza is a natural!

Hazel Woolford
Hazel Woolford
9 months ago