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Photos: Holi (Also Called Phagwah) Celebrations in Guyana

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Published: 9th of March, 2023 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: March 14, 2023 at 17:44 pm

While the Hindu community in Guyana perhaps observe and celebrate all sixteen days of Holi, the vast majority of Guyanese only celebrate Day 2 – the splashing of water and dabbing of colored power. In Guyana and neighboring Suriname, this is referred to as Phagwah.

In the morning, up to 12 noon, citizens bathe each other with buckets of water, even muddy water. In the afternoon, citizens bathe and come out with clean clothes only to spray each other with colored powder and water.

Enjoy these beautiful photos of Phagwah celebrations in Guyana.

To learn more about Phagwah in Guyana, click here.

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