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The Meeting of the Waters

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Did you know…that there is a place in Guyana where the Cuyuni and Mazuruni Rivers run side by side without mixing?

This is a remarkable natural phenomenon with various scientific explanations. According to science, the waters do not mix because they are of different temperatures and densities and they run at different speeds.

However, the phenomenon is so remarkable that it could only be the work of God.

The meeting of the waters happens only in a few places on earth: the Cuyuni-Mazuruni in Guyana is one, and the Black River and the Amazon River in Manaus, Brazil is another.

In Manaus, the meeting of the Rio Negra and the Amazon Rivers is a huge tourist attraction which attracts boatloads of tourists from all over the world everyday. However, in Guyana, little is being done to promote our “meeting of the waters” as a tourist attraction.

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