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Lethem – Aerial View

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The town of Lethem is located to the south of Guyana, South America. It forms a border with the Brazilian municipality of Bonfim, Brazil. Lethem was declared a town by the David Granger Administration in the year 2016 – about 1 year after taking office.

The town of Lethem is located in Region 9 of Guyana, South America. Lethem consists of the Lethem Regional Hospital, the Lethem Town Council and the Lethem Power Company – which is solely responsible for supplying electricity to the residents of Lethem. At present, there is no Lethem Secondary School – the students attend St. Ignatius Secondary in the neighboring village of St. Ignatius. However, there are talks ongoing of setting up a Secondary School to serve the residents of Lethem.

The photo above, which shows a section of Barrack Retreat – the main commerical highway of Lethem – was taken in November 2019 by Patrick Carpen from the third floor of the Amazonas Hotel in Lethem.

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