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Smaller Waterfall Near to the Kaieteur Falls

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Correction: We initially posted this as a bird’s eye view of the Kaieteur Falls. However, after one of our fans wrote in to correct us, we contacted the photographer, Doug Spencer, who said that this is smaller waterfall next to the Kaieteur Falls, a bit downstream.

The magnificent Kaieteur Falls is rated as one of the world’s most powerful, magnificent and beautiful waterfalls. With a height of 226 meters, it is the largest single drop waterfall by volume of water flowing over it.

The Kaieteur Falls is located Region 8 of Guyana, South America. To reach the Kaieteur Falls, you need to book a flight at the Eugene Correia International Airport with either Trans Guyana or Air Services. You will land at the Kaieteur International Airport which is about 15 minutes’ walking distance from the top of the Kaieteur Falls.

This photo was taken around June 2018 by Doug Spencer while flying in one of his iron birds.

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