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Cycling from Georgetown to Lethem

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Credits: Yonnick David. Feb 13, 2021

At the age of 16, myself and a few fellow scouts took on what was, and still is a mammoth task. We decided to Cycle from Georgetown to Lethem. A journey that tested our physical, mental and spiritual strength and cemented many attributes into our being, such as team work, discipline, perseverance and many more.

We encountered heavy rain which resulted in very slushy conditions. Hot, dry days in the Savannah, with many tire blow outs.

In the jungle, we bumped into 2 Jaguars lying on the trail, which got up, looked at us and calmly disappeared into the green. Bees, snakes, clear springs.

We fell in love with this country on that journey.

Shout out to the fellas!!
Reeza J
John Taylor
Romano Wilson
Jarrel Leander
Donald Cholmondeley
And a couple others!

Much love and respect my brothers.

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