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The Cheddi Jagan Dental Centre

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The Cheddi Jagan Dental Centre is located right opposite the Burnham Court and right behind the Oasis Cafe along Carmichael Street in the capital city of Georgetown, Guyana, South America.

The Institution is a gift to the Guyanese people from the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan, former president of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. The Cheddi Jagan Dental offers free dental training to aspiring dentists as well as cheap dental services to the Guyanese population at large.

The Cheddi Jagan Dental Centre is a legacy of the late Dr. Cheddi B. Jagan who was a qualified Dentist by profession.

The Centre offers high quality dental services for fees as low as $200 Guyana dollars. The cost of an appointment is as low as $100 Guyana which is the equivalent of 50 US cents.

During my stay in Georgetown, Guyana in 2019, I heard many positive reports of the dental services offered at the Cheddi Jagan Dental Centre.

It should be noted that there are several other private dental clinics in Georgetown under the “Jagan” brand. These are owned and operated by the late Dr. Jagan’s sons and grandsons, and offer an even higher quality of service but at a slightly higher cost.

Dentistry is a legacy of the Jagan family in Guyana, South America.

The photo above was taken around June 2019 by Patrick Carpen.