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Actions of Guyanese Men on Dangerous Falls Leave World Awestruck

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First Published: 29th of June, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News

Last updated: April 24, 2023 at 20:30 pm

The actions of two Guyanese men on a dangerous cliff of a waterfall in Region 7, Guyana, South America, has caught the world’s attention. The video, which was first posted in 2018 by Leon Mendonca, and reposted by the Guyana, South America Facebook Page in 2022, was viewed by more 1,000,000 people so far, and it is going viral.

In the video, the two men can be seen standing on a cliff near to the powerful waterfall which pours a mighty torrent in the background. The men were jumping up and down and shouting in glee near to the edge of the cliff close to the torrent. The rock on which they were standing seemed slippery, the winds were high, and the possibility of falling overboard seemed dangerously high.

Here are some of the comments from people viewing the video:

The short guy looks pale, but to impress his girlfriend is a must. I know he is so scared and can’t move a muscle.

What nerves!

They are crazy and not loving their lives. They risk being taken away by the falls.

Whoever is afraid to die, don’t be born. That’s what the man is saying is in the video.

One wrong move and they are done.

That looks terrifying.

This is why men live shorter lives than women.

This falls can supply 70% of Guyana’s electricity needs.

Sakaika Falls is located on the Ekereku River in Region 7 of Guyana, South America. It is a poorly explored waterfall visited so far by only a handful of people. The location of the waterfall makes it an unpopular choice for tourists. But aside from that, it is poorly promoted by the Guyana Tourism Authority as a tourism destination. Nevertheless, as you can see from the video (below), the Sakaika falls, with its powerful torrent and magnificent scenery, has the potential to become a major tourist attraction in Guyana.

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