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Karawab Village, an Indigenous Village of the Caribs in Region 2

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Karawab is a satellite village of St. Monica Village located on the Eastern Bank of the Upper Pomeroon River, 40 miles from Charity on the Essequibo Coast in Region 2 of Guyana, South America. Karawab, an Amerindian community, was formally recognized in 1970. It is one of the most populated villages in the Upper Pomeroon river with an estimated 800 Caribs. The Village is led by a Senior Councillor who reports to the Toshao and his deputy based in St. Monica.

The people are mostly involved in logging, small-scale fishing in rivers and creeks, farming of the rich and fertile sandy hills of the Essequibo is also done and there is a great abundance of native fruits such as awarra, kukrit, and curu.

Source: Department of Public Information. September 8, 2022.

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