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The No. 63 Beach: A Popular Recreation Spot in Berbice

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Published: 17th of May, 2023 by Patrick Carpen

Last updated: May 17, 2023 at 17:31 pm

The No. 63 Beach is located along the Atlantic Ocean at No. 63 Village, Corentyne, Berbice, Region 6, Guyana, South America. Although the beach extends for miles along the Atlantic Ocean on the Corentyne Coast, for some reason, the No. 63 locality of the beach is most accessible, most suitable for human activities, cleanest, and clearest of all other known locations of the beach along the the Corentyne Coast. And consequently, it is the most frequented of shoreline localities in East Berbice, Corentyne,

Entrance to the No. 63 Beach

The Rose Hall Beach, for example, at the northern end of Rose Hall Town, is less frequented than the No. 63 Beach, perhaps due to its layout, safety factors, etc, and people of Rose Hall Town frequently travel to the No. 63 Beach for recreational purposes.

The No. 63 beach is regularly frequented by groups of family and friends looking for a good time out. Although it is most populated during the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), people go there almost every day of the week. There are times when the No. 63 beach is deserted, but this is becoming more and more uncommon as tourism drives across the country raise awareness of it.

When at the No. 63 beach, persons engage in games such as cricket, football, and volleyball. Some swim, splash, or play in the Atlantic Ocean, while others play music, chat, and enjoy their favorite beverages and the refreshing sea breeze.

The No. 63 Beach, like other spots along the Atlantic Ocean, is known for its strong underwater currents. A considerable number of persons have drowned at the No. 63 beach. Some of these drownings were probably due to intoxication and poor swimming skills, but some were due to strong underwater currents pulling them away.

At present, there are no lifeguard services at the No. 63 beach. Persons visiting the No. 63 beach are advised to exercise due caution when venturing into the waters. Stay at the corner where it is relatively safe if you are not a strong swimmer or do not have a reliable flotation device. There was one instance sometime around the year 1994 where a person’s floatation device punctured causing him to be drowned in the No. 63 beach. He was found washed up on the shore several miles away some time later.

Despite its beautiful atmosphere and refreshing sea breeze, the No. 63 beach has murky, and not blue and green waters as some other well known beaches around the world. Nevertheless, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean at the No. 63 Beach is just as clean and healthy as any beach and does not pose any sort of health hazard.

When traveling to Berbice, be sure to visit the No. 63 beach!

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