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The Takutu River Separates Guyana from Brazil at Region 9

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Photos by Hemwant Persaud

First Published: 21st of November, 2021 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: October 17, 2023 at 15:35 pm

The Takutu River flows between Roraima, Brazil and Region 9, Guyana. It forms a river border between Guyana and Brazil for several miles at Region 9 of Guyana, South America. For Brazilians, the name of the Takutu River is “Rio Tacutu.”

The Takutu River is a tributary of the Rio Branco River in Brazil.

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Overflowing of the Takutu River from time to time often results in floods in the town of Lethem, the village of St. Ignatius, Tabatinga, and Culvert City.

The Takutu River is home to many edible freshwater fishes and fishing is a common activity in the Takutu River.

The Takutu River Bridge crosses over the Takutu River forming an all-weather road connection between Guyana and Brazil at Region 9.

Here are some more beautiful photos of the Takutu River.

Crossing the Takutu River before the advent of the Takutu River Bridge
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