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The Town of Rose Hall – Corentyne – Berbice

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Published: 19th of February, 2015 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: December 19, 2023 at 14:27 pm

The town of Rose Hall is located in the county of Berbice, along the Corentyne Coast of Guyana, and is one of Guyana’s ten towns. Located in Region No. 6, Rose Hall Town covers an estimated 14 square kilometers. It was declared a town in the year 1891 – during British Colonial rule of Guyana.

Rose Hall is bordered by the settlement of Port Mourant to the east, the village of Williamsburg to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the north, and the sugar cane fields to the south. The village of Williamsburg to the west of Rose Hall was eventually incorporated into a neighborhood within the town of Rose Hall.

Rose Hall Town sports the Rose Hall Nursery School, the Rose Hall Primary School, a Mayor’s Office and the Rose Hall Market. Along the main road, in the commercial center, there are businesses ranging from clothing stores to pharmacies.

A local lemonade factory maker, Jai Jai Ram Lemonade Factory, is also located in the town of Rose Hall, south of the Public Road.

The population of the town of Rose Hall is approximately 10,000. The racial composition of the people of Rose Hall Town is estimated as follows: 50 percent Afro-Guyanese, 40 percent Indo-Guyanese, and 10 percent mixed and other races.

About 40 percent of the inhabitants of the town of Rose Hall are employed by the Guyana Sugar Corporation; about 40 percent are business owners; about 10 percent are teachers and other public servants and about 10 percent are students.

The Rose Hall Beach

Towards the north of Rose Hall, at the Atlantic Ocean, is the Rose Hall beach, which, for some reason, is poorly developed and underutilized at the time of this writing.

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