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Williamsburg, Rose Hall, Formerly Called Williamsburg Settlement in Region 6, Berbice

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Published: 15th of February, 2015 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: September 13, 2023 at 21:20 pm

Williamsburg is a neighborhood within the town of Rose Hall in Corentyne, Berbice, Region 6, Guyana, South America. It was formerly called Williamsburg Settlement – before it was annexed as a neighborhood within the town of Rose Hall. Williamsburg was likely named after King William IV of England during British Colonial Rule of Guyana.

Williamsburg is bordered by the sugar cane fields to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the North, the town of Rose Hall to the East, and Hampshire Village to the west. It is home to about 3000 people mostly of East Indian descent. A recent expansion into the North might see this number increasing to about 5000 by 2025.

The Corentyne Highway or Public Road which winds its way some two miles off the coast of the Atlantic, cuts through the village of Williamsburg, dividing it into north (of the Public Road) and south (of the Public Road).

There is one Nursery School in Williamsburg but no Primary or Secondary Schools. The nearest Primary School to Williamsburg is the Rose Hall Primary School. Nearby high schools include JC Chandisingh Secondary School and Lower Corentyne Secondary School. The Rose Hall Police Outpost is located in Williamsburg – down the Friday Market Street to the South section.

Commercial Activities and Businesses in Williamsburg

Lewison’s General Store (pictured above), an automobile spare parts retailer, is located at Lot 19 B Williamsburg Public Road, Corentyne, Berbice. It is one of the longest standing and most well-known suppliers of auto spares in the county of Berbice.

There are no factories or major farming activities in Williamsburg. There are a few clothing stores, a popular computer store called Riaz Computers, a few other general stores and mini marts. Republic Bank is in the process of constructing a branch at Dr. Tulsi Street, Williamsburg.

People of Williamsburg

A large fraction of the residents of Williamsburg are employed by the Albion Sugar Estate. Some persons are public servants, while others are business owners, laborers, or skilled workers. A small fraction of the population engage in gardening and animal rearing.

One of Guyana’s most famous and successful mechanics, Mr. Akbar Khan and Sons, operates at his home at Lot 6H, Williamsburg North, Corentyne, Berbice.

The ethnic mix of the people of Williamsburg are as follows, approximately: 90 percent East Indians; 5 percent Africans; 5 percent mixed and other races.

Places of Worship in Williamsburg

There are several Christian churches and one haribol temple in Wiliamsburg. There are no mosques in Williamsburg. The closest mosque to Williamsburg is located in the town of Rose Hall.

The SMG International Pentecostal Church in Williamsburg
Nursery School in Williamsburg
Going north into the Friday Market Street
Friday Market Street
Old location of the Rose Hall outpost
Nursery School in Williamsburg
Rose Hall Police Station located in Williamsburg, South of the Friday Market Street

The Side Line Irrigation Canal

An irrigation canal belonging to the Albion sugar estate services the cane fields and is referred to by locals as the “sideline” canal. Part of it runs through Williamsburg. Long ago, people use to swim in this canal. However, I was told by residents that people no longer swim in the canal because the water is now dirty and contaminated.

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