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Life in Linden – by Anah Leung (Redirected)

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Sundays are known to be very peaceful here because there’s not much to be done on Sundays besides going to Church and to prepare for another day of work. A lot has changed over the years since I’ve known myself coming to this part of Guyana.

Unlike Georgetown or the West Coast of Demerara that’s always hyped with entertainment,. Linden is different. At times, they’ll have a few football activities at the sports club or a lime down at Bucktown along with the blue lakes that are found between the Sandhills which are done on Saturdays & Sundays.

Speaking of lakes, Lindeners within the Kara Kara area have been going there since the mid 90’s from the toll station entrance before knowing about the one that people are excited about to see that has a few activities going on at times which, like Bucktown, charges a fee.

A view from any one of the sand hills gives you a different perspective depending on the angle you’re in which I’ve experienced. When it comes to night spots, you can find Happy’s Corner on the car park. There’s also Stag bar/Chicken bar just across from the car park. Then the five(5) corner intersection that also has its own activities throughout the day into the night going on.

The night ? life is enjoyed not only by Lindeners but other locals & foreigners who pass through the Linden/Lethem route. The streets are fairly clean as well as the market area. You can also find lots of fruit trees in almost every yard you see. A new thing I saw which I’ve never seen before while using the water taxi is the boat which is closer to Dutchie boat landing. It is the only boat with a boom box that plays 94.1FM & I guess 90.1FM ??‍♀️ hopefully. No boat in GT to my knowledge carries a bluetooth boom box. The boat man issa ‘uptaap baass’ he pon top ah things. He ain’t tekkin right muchless leff ‘a’ ?

As for groceries, it isn’t that expensive either while in some areas you’ll pay a bit more on a few items which works out to the same as if you’re buying from DSL or Bounty Supermarkets in Georgetown. Linden is a place that gives you peace of mind while you also learn to adapt to other people’s way of life. It’s a place that has a subtle lifestyle away from the hassle within the City of Georgetown.

Written by: Anah Leung

Date: 04-09-2022

Details: Wismar/Mckenzie area

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