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Paruima Village – Region 7 – A Piece of Heaven on Earth (Redirected)

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Paruima Village in Region 7 – A Piece of Heaven on Earth

First Published: 3rd of September, 2021 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: December 26, 2022 at 15:46 pm

Paruima Village, located along the right bank of the Kamarang River in Region 7 of Guyana, South America, is a small indigenous settlement that dates back about 100 years. It is inhabited by the Arecuna (also called Pemon) Nation of Indigenous peoples.

About 95% of the inhabitants of Paruima village in Region 7 are of pure Arecuna indigenous descent with a minority 5% of mixed race or other races of Guyana such as East Indian and African.

Due to its remote location and lack of information about the village, the scenic beauty of Paruima Village has been long hidden from the rest of the world. But with the advent of the internet and social media, residents recently began sharing photos of the rolling hills, valleys, mountains, landscapes, rivers, waterfalls, flora and fauna, and overall scenic beauty – drawing attention to this relatively undiscovered gem.

Paruima village is surrounded by pristine rainforests and the Marpak Tepu (Bat Mountain), Konok Tepu (Rain Mountain), and the Warima Tepu (Eyebrow Mountain). The nearest village to Paruima Village is called Waramadong which is only accessible by boat.

To reach Paruima Village from Georgetown, Region 4, Guyana, South America, you will need to take an hour and a half flight from Eugene Correia International Airport at Ogle.

If you want to see something spectacular while in Paruima Village, trek your way through the rough, 20 km terrain towards the majestic Uchi Falls which is a major tourist attraction. The journey there may take up to about 8 hours and can be challenging, but the experience is definitely worth the energy.

Uchi Falls is a stunningly beautiful single-drop waterfall that drops from a height of about 240 meters. It has been a hidden gem since time immemorial and only a handful of people have been fortunate to visit so far. Visit the Uchi Falls to experience firsthand its mesmerizing and massive downpour accompanied by an intimidating yet soothing noise in a setting embroidered by richly colored vegetation.

The beauty of the Uchi Falls can be admired from its gorge, but you can also swim under the towering drop of the falls or hike up the summit for a panoramic view.

The main economic activity of Paruima Village is farming, especially cassava farming. Other cassava based products such as cassava bread, farine, and cassareep also help to drive economic activities of the village. Naturally, cassava based products are widely consumed by residents of Paruima Village.

There is a nursery school, a primary school, and a secondary school in Paruima Village. The secondary school is called Paruima Mission Academy which is administered by the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

When planning your next vacation, consider taking a trip to Paruima Village and enjoy a piece of heaven on earth.

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2 years ago

Let’s hope that the national government and the Ministry of Tourism support the Paruima community to build inns or tourist camps so that they can offer travel services to that beautiful village of Upper Mazaruni.

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