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Beautiful, Patriotic, “Essequibo Belongs to Guyana” T-shirt for Male and Female (UNISEX)

Show your love and support for the country of Guyana in the face of Venezuela’s threat to annex the Essequibo by purchasing and wearing this amazing “Essequibo Belongs to Guyana” t-shirt. At the front of the t-shirt is the patriotic Guyanese slogan, “Essequibo Belongs to Guyana” and at the back is a photo of one of the Essequibo’s brightest jewels: the Kaieteur Falls.

Do Venezuelans Really Believe that the Essequibo Belongs to Venezuela?

It has been taught in Venezuelan schools for the last 50 years or more that the Essequibo belongs to Venezuela and that the British stole it from them. But when Venezuelans wanted to visit the Essequibo, they made sure they got their passport stamped. They learned in theory then that the Essequibo belongs to Venezuela and in practice that it belongs to Guyana. This causes serious mental crosscurrents in their minds.