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Maria Corina Says that the Ruling of the ICJ Must be Respected in Guyana/Venezuela Border Controversy

Nicolas Maduro’s main political opponent, popular right wing capitalist Maria Corina Machado, has issued a compelling statement calling for peace, diplomacy, and respect of international law with regards to the ongoing Guyana/Venezuela border controversy. She did not waver from the national Venezuelan sentiment that “the Essequibo belongs to Venezuela.” What she did do however was choose her words very carefully in condemning Maduro’s dangerous actions which could escalate into an armed conflict between the two neighboring countries.

Maria Corina Machado Offers New Hope to Venezuela, Guyana, and the Wider Latin American Community

While the failed Chavismo economic policies have put millions of Venezuelan citizens on the breadline, and sent millions more fleeing the ongoing economic crisis to the shores of various nations around the world, the new front runner in Venezuela’s political race, Maria Corina Machado, is the hope millions of Venezuelans desperately cling to — the redeemer whom they hope will return the oil capital of the world, the once most glorious, bright and shining star of South America, Venezuela, to the heights of its former glory.