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Baganara Island Resort

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This article was first published on the 3rd February 2018 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: August 2, 2021 at 14:19 pm
Welcome to Baganara Island Resort – A place of relaxation and tranquility.

Baganara Island Resort is a showcase of Guyana in the fullness of its beauty and splendor: a place of peace, tranquility, relaxation, beauty, nature, and most of all, exciting activities.

Every Guyanese should make Baganara Island Resort their holiday destination at least once in their lifetime, and every tourist visiting Guyana should put it on their priority list. This Island Paradise enhances, magnifies, and lends credibility to this great land of ours.

Contact Baganara Island Resort:

Phone: (592) 222-2525



Dig your feet into the soft, golden sand. Feel the wind in your hair and enjoy the shade of the majestic trees, or go for a splash in the refreshing waters of the Essequibo River.


Bird Watching Walk
Nature Walk
Kayak Off Baganara Beach
Paddle Board
Table Tennis
Boat Trip
Jet boat Trip With Captain
Kayak Trip – Guided
Water-skiing or Knee-boarding
Guided Tour of Bartica – 1.5 hrs
Marshall Falls Tour
Parrot Island Tour

Photos of Baganara Island Resort:

Let’s go yatching!
Two sets of footprints on the sand – how about a stroll along the beach?
Let’s have a drink under the shade in the refreshing breeze with a magnificent view!
Get the action going with a game of volleyball.
Then enjoy the magnificent view.
We have something for the kids too.
Time to pose for a photo.
And then come back for a little nap.
This young couple is having an adventurous time.
Let’s freeze a moment in time.
A time to remember.
Some guests having fun at Baganara Island Resort.
Yes, it’s Baganara!
A game of chess anyone?
Breathtaking scenery.
The volleyball boys.
Ah…the view!
Trekking through the jungle.
A paradise awaits you.

That’s Baganara!
Mr. Eddy Grant poses for a photo at Baganara Island Resort.
The planes bring people to Baganara Island Resort
Say cheese.
Braving the Rapids.
Ah…the scenery!
More Scenery
Nighttime in the jungle
River view at twilight.
Beautiful sunset.
Group photo.
Some guests at Baganara.
The volleyball court.
How about some fun games?
Paradise awaits you.
Signing the guestbook at Baganara Island Resort.
Let’s pose for photo.
Two of our guests pose for a photo.
Kayaking anyone?
The Baganara Lawns.
Let’s go fishing!
Breakfast is served.
How about some nighttime river boating?
Service with a smile.
Yes, it’s Baganara!
The Baganara Guesthouse
Baganara Island Resort
Kayaking at Baganara.
Let’s have fun!
Mick Jagger poses at Baganara Island Resort.
Kayaking up the river.
Let’s pose for a nighttime picture in the forest.
Lots of fun and adventure awaits you.
Some tourists pose for a photo.
Canoeing up the river.
Kayaking up the river.
Kayaking up the river.
It’s Baganara Island Resort!
Through jungles and rivers – kayaking.
Lunch is served at Baganara!
It’s a Baganara Sunrise!
It’s time for Breakfast at Baganara!
Rest in comfort and style at Baganara!
How about a little cocktail?
An aerial shot of Baganara Island Resort!
Baganara Guesthouse. You’re welcome.
Baganara Guesthouse
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