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Tourism – Guyana’s Next Economic Frontier

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First Published: 27th of December, 2018

Last updated: May 15, 2022 at 16:53 pm

Most of Guyana’s beauty is still hidden, and most of Guyana’s natural wonders are largely unexplored.

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In this article, we’ll examine why we believe that placing stronger emphasis on developing and promoting Guyana’s tourism sector a wise economic choice for the country at this juncture. As Guyana’s national currency, the Guyana dollar, is expected to strengthen due to oil exports, some commodities may become too expensive and less competitive to manufacture and export. In this context, excessive manufacturing can easily overburden and even bankrupt an oil economy by way of the resource curse or Dutch Disease.

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For this and other reasons, we believe that, in addition to turbo-boosting financing of education, services, infrastructure, housing, and manufacturing of those commodities for which we have a clear competitive advantage, the Guyana government should focus much of its energy, cerebral mechanism, and financial resources towards transforming Guyana into one of the world’s most sought-after tourism destinations.

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Here’s Why the Industry is Booming and Why We Should Get on Board


Travel across countries and continents is becoming increasingly easier and people are traveling for recreational purposes more than ever before.

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Advanced Language and Translation Tools

Things aren’t like they were before. With advanced translation tools like Google and Babel Fish, text to speech software, and language courses such as the recently launched Language Fun Series, communicating with people of foreign languages is easier than ever. And that expands the horizon of international tourism overwhelmingly.

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Boosting the tourism sector in Guyana will result in a surge in education and employment for Guyanese citizens in the following areas: web development, marketing, translation, restaurant and cuisine, transportation, hospitality, and more.

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Peace and Security

Creating a climate for tourism demands a peaceful country. It will force measures to be put in place to curb crime and criminal activities.

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Capitalize on a Growing Trend and Booming Market

Especially at the turn of the century, due to improvement and enhancement of the world’s aviation and other transportation industries, tourism has become one of the world’s fastest growing industries. People are traveling like never before. They are looking for the world’s next new wonder – and we’re ready to present Guyana – the land of Eldorado and the home of the giants.


Guyanese citizens will be encouraged to learn at least one new language in order to welcome and communicate with tourists from different countries around the world.


Guyana is a melting pot of Caribbean, European, African, East Indian, and indigenous cultures, which results in an intriguing, multicultural cuisine. Home to stellar examples of indigenous led community-based ecotourism products such as Rewa Eco Lodge and Surama Eco Lodge – it is perfect for travelers on the hunt for world-class nature, adventure, and cultural experiences. Dubbed the “land of the giants” the country is home some of the largest animals on the planet such as the giant river otter, anaconda, giant anteater, and arapaima – the largest freshwater fish in the world. Natural treasures such as the prow of mount Roraima and the Kaieteur Falls – the world’s largest single drop waterfall – offer a one-of-a-kind experience to visitors to the destination.

Areas For Improvement

Advertising and Marketing

We could have the world’s best tourism product, but unless we can put that product in front of the eyes of potential buyers, we won’t be doing much business. You’ve probably heard the saying, “without advertising, you don’t have a business.” And that applies equally to Guyana’s tourism sector. Unless we start selling Guyana to the world, nobody’s going to buy it. Team Guyana, South America has already started to develop marketing materials and outlets for Guyana’s tourism products including high-quality, original articles, websites, and social media accounts with a growing fanbase.

Foreign language websites

Websites which talk to potential visitors in their own language, literally – showcasing Guyana to potential foreign visitors. On this note, Team Guyana, South America is already working on a website project in the Portuguese Language, and several others, which will showcase Guyana to Brazilians, and people of other languages such as French and Spanish.


One of the biggest deterrents for travelers to destination Guyana is the widespread and rampant stories of Guyana being a crime-ridden territory with thieves and bandits roaming the streets. Unfortunately, there’s more than a little bit of truth to these rumors. In this respect, the government needs to escalate efforts to rid the streets of criminals and make Guyana a safe place to live or visit.

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