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Beautiful Berbice (Redirected)

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First Published: 21st of August, 2016 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: December 20, 2022 at 20:47 pm

Berbice, known as the Ancient County, is a very beautiful county of Guyana, South America. And I say that from a very personal perspective. I was born in the county of Berbice, and I’ve spent a good part of my life there. Berbice holds a special place in my heart, and it always will: it will always be home to me.

When I say that Berbice is beautiful, I don’t mean that every square inch of it is beautiful. Like any other big city or state in the world, there will be a little garbage here and there, a few potholes in certain parts of the road, a few run-down buildings, badly kept drains, etc. But generally speaking, Berbice is beautiful: with its splendid houses, gardens, buildings, sidewalks, seawalls, markets, schools, roads, ice cream parlors, etc.

I mean, I’ve visted many places. I’ve lived for several years in the Rupununi Savannahs of Guyana, and the Rupununi Savannahs is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but personally, I think Berbice is more beautiful. And you know what, I’ve met a few volunteer teachers from the UK who lived in both places and they all agreed with me on that point. Hell, many residents of the Rupununi Savannahs itself have agreed with me on that.

I’ve also lived in Campo Verde, Mato Grosso, Sao Paulo, Rondonopolis, Georgetown, and many other places, and the old saying still rings true: “no matter where you roam, there is no place like home.”

On this page I hope to lay out the splendor of this ancient county for you to savor, so have fun and enjoy, and do come to visit Berbice sometime if you can.

Industries in Berbice

Rice, cane sugar production, and agriculture are some of the many industries of Berbice. If you travel to Berbice, be sure to check out the historical Albion Sugar Estate which as been grinding away since Guyana was called British Guiana.

Schools in Berbice

There are perhaps over one hundred schools in Berbice counting Nursery, Primary, and Secondary. For the secondary department, the most notable schools in Berbice include the Skeldon Line Path Secondary, New Amsterdam Multilateral Secondary, and J.C Chandisingh Secondary.

Beaches in Berbice

Much of the county of Berbice runs adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, so there are many beaches in Berbice. However, the most popular is the No. 63 Beach in No. 63 Village, Corentyne.

Snackettes in Berbice

If you’re traveling through the county of Berbice, you may want to stop and grab a bite at somewhere relaxing. Berbice is strewn thick with snackettes and restaurants for you to relax and recharge. Some of the most popular include the Demico House in New Amsterdam, Permaul’s Snackette at Albion Front, Spready’s at Port Mourant, and Churches Chicken in Skeldon.

What to Do when You Travel to Berbice

If you travel to Berbice as a tourist, you may want to check out the historical Albion Sugar Estate which has been grinding away since immemorial. Visit the No. 63 Beach on the Corentyne. Go up the Mahaica River to Moraikobai Village in Region 5. Stop for a bite at Spready’s Snackette at Port Mourant, and visit Orella Village close to the Suriname border.

You may also want to check out the luscious and scenic rice fields in Black Bush Polder, take a few pictures on the Skeldon Seawall and visit the Port Mourant and Skeldon Markets.

And don’t forget to visit Berbice’s first town which is regarded as its capital: New Amsterdam.

Recommended Hotels in Berbice

If you are looking to spend a night in New Amsterdam, we would recommend you check out Church View International Hotel on Main Street.

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