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The Kumu Falls – Central Rupununi – Region 9 (Redirected)

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First Published: 20th of December, 2020 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: December 20, 2022 at 23:12 pm

The Kumu Falls is a small but splendid waterfall located in Kumu Village, Central Rupununi Savannhas, Guyana, South America. The magnificent tree-shaded waterfall descends from the mountaintops of the majestic Kanuku Mountains and flows down a gradient of about 3 miles into the Kumu River.

How to Get to the Kumu Falls

If you are a traveler coming from Georgetown, Guyana or neighboring Brazil, you first have to travel to the town of Lethem in Region 9. You can rest at one of the hotels in Lethem before starting your trip to the Kumu Falls.

The scenery along the way will take your breath away!

Towards the end of Lethem’s main commercial highway, turn right and travel past the Lethem Airport, cross a bridge and enter into St. Ignatius Village.

When you’ve crossed this bridge, you’ve entered St. Ignatius Village.

This is a 2014 photo, but the view is pretty much still the same.

Then, pick the trail that connects St. Ignatius Village to Kumu Village. If you need tour guide assistance in getting to the Kumu Falls, speak to the manager or reception of any of the hotels in Lethem.

Along the trail to Kumu Village, enjoy the spectacular views of the Savannahs and mountains. You will see some giant anthills as high as 7 feet.

A Norwegian tourist and her daughter stops to take a picture near to a giant anthill along the way to the Kumu Falls.

If you are lucky you may even spot an anteater! You may also see the spectacular Rupununi Rainbow on cloudy days.

In this photo, a Brazilian and Colombian tourist enjoy the refreshing waters of the Kumu Falls.

2018 photo

The Kumu Falls forms a number of pools as it flows downward, each one cascading down the rocky walls to a lower point. Some of these pools have stronger currents than others, but none are strong enough to sweep you away. In fact, the Kumu Falls is one of the safest waterfalls across Guyana for human interaction.

Kumu Falls: The Entry Fee

A Rupununi Native by the name of Peter Joseph, together with his family, maintains the landing site of the Kumu Falls. They charge an entry fee of $1000 dollars (5 USD) per person for entry. However, if you do not want to pay this minimal fee, there are also unmonitered entry points that you can use to access the Kumu Falls. Tour guides and taxi drivers of the Rupununi are very familiar with these unmonitored entry points.

Stop to take some pictures and enjoy the scenic views as you travel to the Kumu Falls.

Canadian tourist to the Rupununi, Christian Rodrigues, poses for a photo during his trip in 2018.

A Brazilian and Colombian tourist enjoy the refreshing waters of the Kumu Falls.

The Kumu Falls empty into the Kumu River. This photo was taken from the landing site maintained by Mr. Peter Joseph.

A Norwegian tourist and her daughter pose for a photo at the Kumu Falls in the year 2016.

Government Team Visits Kumu Falls – December, 2020

In mid-December, 2020, a delegation of government ministers and officials, during an outreach programme in the Rupununi, stopped by the Kumu Falls. These included Minister of Education, Hon. Priya Manickchand and Minister of Government, Gail Texeira. They took these beautiul photos.

Guyana has the most beautiful Waterfalls. Had a chance for a quick visit to the Kumu Falls in the Rupununi. Thought I was only going to see but couldn’t resist going in. Begum Somyah Baksh photos.

hon. priya manickchand – dec 2020

Beautiful faces in beautiful places!

Not sure who this gorgeous young woman is, but she sure lights up the place.

Trekking through the jungle on the way to the Kumu Falls.

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