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Tourism: Guyana’s Next Economic Frontier

In this article, Patrick Carpen examines why tourism should be Guyana’s next economic economic frontier.

Here are the key points to consider:

  1. Globalization – Travel across countries and continents is becoming increasingly easier and people are traveling for recreational purposes more than ever before.
  2. Advanced Language and Translation Tools – Things aren’t like they were before. With advanced translation tools like Google and Babel Fish, text to speech software and language courses such as “Patrick Carpen Language Learning Series,” communicating with people of foreign language is easier than ever. And that expands the horizon of tourism overwhelmingly.
  3. Employment – Boosting the tourism sector in Guyana will result in a surge in education and employment for Guyanese citizens in the following areas: web development, marketing, translation, hospitality.
  4. Peace and Security – Creating a climate for tourism demands a peaceful country. It will force measures to be put in place to keep crime and criminal activities minimized.
  5. The Market is Booming – People are looking for the next new wonder – and we’re ready to showcase Guyana with it’s unique waterfalls and biodiversity.
  6. Education – Guyanese citizens will be encouraged to learn at least one new language in order to welcome and communicate with tourists from different countries around the world.
  7. Uniqueness – Guyana may not exactly be the world’s most beautiful or the greatest tourist destination in the world – except perhaps from a patriotic viewpoint- but it still has a lot to offer.

Increased tourism will positively affect the airline industry.

It will also positively affect the hospitality industry such as guest houses and hotels.

What needs to be done.

  1. More advertising.
  2. Foreign language websites – websites which talk to potential visitors in their own language, literally – showcasing guyana to potential foreign visitors. See for example, my blog which showcases Guyana to Brazilian citizens: