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German Sports Fishing Tourist Describes Experience in Guyana

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Published: 3rd of February, 2023 by Patrick Carpen

Last updated: May 1, 2023 at 19:50 pm

A German tourist who traveled to Guyana to engage in catch and release sports fishing in the waters of Guyana’s vast rivers has described his experience. In a Facebook Post titled “Rumble in the Jungle,” the sports fishing enthusiast described his travels and adventures to Guyana. The article posted below was translated from the original German text extracted from the Facebook Page of Global Fishing Adventures.

Guyana – Rumble in the Jungle 2023

…. back from the jungle………. With so many experiences and impressions to process first……

… but in order – the arrival and departure was fundamentally much more pleasant this year – we flew over Barbados, where on the way we had only spent 2 nights and therefore had enough time to explore the island. Also, this was an opportunity to get used to the climate and time change. The journey continued by flight first to Georgetown and then on to the jungle

The lodge has been expanded a little further and now has a total of 8 rooms available. The fishing was, as usual, very good. Very strong peacocks when spinning fishing (hardly any under 50 cm and the largest over 60); and of course Payara, Arowana, Bicuda, Pacu – and (too many) Piranhas.

All the common catfish species were caught – the catches for Redtail (up to 121 cm) and Jau (up to 154 cm/around 65 kg). The smaller species (especially tigers, but also leopard) were well represented – only the Piraiba was – even when it was caught – not as numerous as usual. The guides said it was probably at relatively high water level. Some anglers have tried successfully to fish aimlessly on the Wolffish (Aymara) and beautiful specimens (up to over 7 kg) have emerged. Also a few good Arapaima just below and also beyond the 2 meter mark were there again.

Some of the group then left for the expedition to King William Falls. The fishing there is once again a class better – at least in terms of bite frequency and especially also the sizes at Jau and also Redtail. The accommodation in the tent camp was more pleasant than thought and we were once again taken great care of by the whole team. In any case, the participants of the KWF expedition all agreed that the tour is absolutely worthwhile.

We were able to book quite a few things in wildlife matters as well. In addition to a new jaguar sighting, this year there were also a tapir and several anacondas. And of course Kaymane and a lance otter.

Photos also thanks to Global Fishing Adventures.

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