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Kumu Falls + Bonfim, Brazil: 3-Day Tour…Let’s Roll!

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The Takutu River Bridge. A marvel of modern engineering. You have to see it to believe it.
Pack your traveling bag and buckle up your shoes for three days’ of fun and adventure at Guyana’s southern border – Region 9, Guyana, South America.
Scenes from along the Lethem to Linden Trail. Your eyes will never tire of these wonders.
Blow your mind with the refreshing and enchanting Kumu Falls and experience firsthand the beauty of the Rupununi.
The refreshing and magnificent Kumu Falls.
Then, let’s go for a drive to Guyana’s southern neighbor – just over the Takutu River Bridge – the municipality of Bonfim, Brazil.
Neighboring Bonfim, just as you cross over from Lethem
Get a glimpse of this great country which is Guyana’s biggest, most powerful, and friendliest neighbor. Here you’ll have the opportunity to learn a little bit about an entirely different culture.
Neighboring Bonfim, just as you cross over from Lethem.


Day 1- Friday – Blazing the Trail to Lethem

58 Miles, Lethem – Linden Trail.
Pick up from Georgetown at 7 A.M. Your journey starts. We travel down the trail by bus for about 4 hours. Our first stop is lunch at the restaurant at 58 miles, Mabura, Region 10.
A restaurant at 58 Miles, Mabura.
After that, we start traveling again towards the Kurupukari Crossing – where we arrive at around 4 P.M.
Sunset at Kurupukari Village. Photo by Department of Public Information.
We have a light snack at the restaurant near to the Kurupukari Crossing.
The rapids at the Kurupukari Crossing. Photo: Alliah Simon.
From the Kurupukari Crossing is a 3-hour straight drive to Lethem. We arrive in Lethem at around 7 P.M. on Friday evening.
Lethem, Region 9

During the trip, there are many stops for you to take pictures and enjoy the breathtaking views along the magnificent Lethem to Linden Trail.

Scenery from the Lethem – Linden Trail. Your eyes will never tire of these wonders.
In Lethem, we check you into one of the top hotels where you have dinner and spend the rest of the night however you wish. Your room will be fully airconditioned with hot and cold shower, and free WiFi.
Scenery from the Lethem – Linden Trail. Your eyes will never tire of these wonders.

Day 2 – Saturday: Kumu Falls + Bonfim

The refreshing Kumu Falls. Take a splash.
On Saturday morning, after breakfast, at around 9 A.M, we leave for Kumu Falls. This is the icing on your well-baked cake! The high point of the trip! The refreshing, relaxing, and enchanting Kumu Falls.
The magnificent and refreshing Kumu Falls.
Kumu Falls is located at about 30 minutes’ drive from Lethem. On the way, we pass through St. Ignatius Village and the giant anthills. After driving through the beautiful Central Rupununi Savannahs for about 30 minutes, we arrive at the Kumu Falls.
See this giant anthill on your way back!
Splash under the refreshing waters of the Kumu Falls to your hearts’ content.
The Kumu Falls.
Get ready to take pictures and enjoy yourself to the fullest in the rushing waters of the Kumu Waterfall. By the time you’ve had your fill of Kumu Falls – around 12 noon, we head back to the hotel for lunch.
On the way to the Kumu Falls.
After lunch on Saturday, relax until 3 P.M when its time to drive across the Takutu River Bridge into neighboring Bonfim, Brazil.
The Takutu River Bridge
In Bomfim, which is the Brazilian border town, we’ll drive you throughout the entire municipality so you can learn a little about neighboring Brazil.
Just across the bridge into neighboring Brazil.
Next, we stop at the most popular stores and supermarkets in case you need to browse or purchase Brazilian products. Finally, we stop for a few beers or juice before returning to Lethem at around 6: 30 – just before the border closes.
At around 7 P.M, we arrive back at the hotel for dinner. After dinner, you get to choose how you want to spend the rest of the night in Lethem.

Day 3 – Sunday – Blazing the Trail to Georgetown

Be sure to wake up in time for breakfast at 7 A.M on Sunday morning. Right after breakfast, at around 8 A.M, we blaze the trail once again towards Georgetown.
By 12:00, we arrive at the Kurupukari Crossing for lunch then beat the road for another 4 hours until we arrive at the 58 Miles restaurant for a snack once again. After that, it’s one straight drive to Georgetown.
At around 8 PM on Sunday evening, you arrive back in Georgetown – with lots of photos, adventures, and stories to tell!
Important Notice: We take tourists in batches of 10 persons each week. The bus is a comfortable air-conditioned 12-seater Pitbull. Reserve your spot before the bus is full!

The entire cost of your trip, including meals, accommodations, and return to Georgetown is just $100,000 (500 USD) per person!

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