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Visit Karasabai Village, Home of the Sun Parakeet

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Visit the beautiful, refreshing, remote indigenous village of Karasabai for a three-day weekend tour and immerse yourself in an exotic culture under the shade of the North Pakaraima Mountains. The amazing staff of our Karasabai Eco Lodge will take care of all your meals and our skilled and experienced tour guides will show you some of the most beautiful and interesting spots of Karasabai.

During your tour, you’ll take part in bird watching and horse riding activities, and cross the Ireng River to set foot into neighboring Brazil – a unique, exciting, and unparalleled experience of crossing informally from one border country to the other just for fun and without a passport. When its time to go home, you’ll be driven in the same comfortable air conditioned 4-wheel drive vehicle that you came with through the breathtaking Rupununi Savannah trails back to Lethem.

The Karasabai weekend tour leaves Lethem, Region 9 every Friday at 1 PM (after lunch). You will be responsible for arriving in Lethem on your own. We can pick you up at any location in Lethem, Region 9. The Karasabai three-day weekend tour can take a maximum of four persons only. So if you are just one, two, or three persons, you may be joining other people who are booked for the same tour. If your group consists of all four persons required to fill the vehicle, you will get a special bulk discount.

Itinerary and Activities

Please note that all activities are optional, so if you just want to relax in your hammock and sip coffee all weekend, then that’s perfectly OK. You can also choose to take part in some activities and skip others.

Day 1 – Pick up from Lethem

The air conditioned 4-wheel drive vehicle picks you up in Lethem on Friday at 1 PM. The 2-hour long drive down the Rupununi trail filled with breathtaking scenery begins. At around 4 PM, you arrive at the Karasabai Eco Lodge where you check into your room, shower, relax, and prepare for dinner which will be served between 6 to 9 PM.

Day 2 – Morning – Visit the Ireng River at the Brazil Border

At around 9:AM, after breakfast on Day 2, Saturday, our skilled and experienced driver and tour guide will take you to the border of Guyana and Brazil where the Ireng River flows peacefully and separates Guyana from Brazil. You’ll get a chance to paddle over the river to the Brazil side and back. We’ll spend the morning having some more fun at the Ireng River border before heading back to the Eco Lodge for lunch at noon.

Day 2 – Afternoon – Ancient Caves, Petroglyphs, and Horse Riding

On the afternoon of Day 2, after lunch, we’ll drive you over to some ancient caves containing sacred clay pots and tell you the story behind it. Then, we’ll take a look at the petroglyphs carved on rocks perhaps over 6000 years ago – which prove indigenous presence in Guyana way back then.

At around 4 PM, it’s time for horse riding! Our skilled and experienced cowboys will guide even the absolute beginner to mount horseback and take the reigns of this exciting activity. If you’re an experienced horse rider, then the field is yours! Whether you’re an expert horse rider or you’ve never mounted horseback before, this is your time to shine.

After the horse riding activity, around 6 PM, you’ll head back to the Karasabai Eco Lodge for dinner and a good night’s sleep in anticipation of the next great day – Sunday – Day 3.

Day 3 – Sunday – Morning – Anteater Spotting (Activity 1)

We’ll leave early morning Sunday at 6 AM to go out to the Savannahs to lie in wait for the giant anteater. These magnificent creatures come out in the morning dew and we’ll carefully time them to get a good view. Our skilled and experienced tour guides know how to position you for optimal viewing and photo captures of the rear and splendid giant anteater. After the giant anteater viewing, we’ll return to the Karasabai Eco Lodge for breakfast, then off to the Weeyeh Creek.

Day 3 – Sunday – Morning – Bathing in the Rapids of the Weeyah Creek (Activity 2)

After the giant anteater spotting and breakfast on Sunday, Day 2, we leave the Eco Lodge again at around 9 AM for the rapids of the Weeyah Creek. There, you can have a fun time bathing, swimming, and splashing, and taking pictures in the Weeyah Creek until midday when we return to the Eco Lodge for lunch at around 12:00 noon.

Day 3 – Sunday – Afternoon – Village Tour (Activity 3)

After lunch on Sunday afternoon, at around 1 PM, we’ll take you on a tour of Karasabai Village and show you around the infrastructure of the village including schools, churches, craft shops, and historical landmarks. At the end of this fun filled afternoon, at around 6 PM, it’s time to return to the Eco Lodge dinner.

Day 4 – Monday – Bird Watching

Wake up at 6am sharp on Monday morning and get ready to see for yourself why Karasabai Village is called the home of the sun parakeets. We have the binoculars waiting for you and we’re going to position you to observe these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

At around 8am, we return to the Karasabai Eco Lodge for breakfast. After breakfast, we hit the trail for Lethem and drop you off at your selected destination. Your tour with us ends here.


The cost of this entire three day tour of Karasabai village, including pick up from and return to Lethem, all meals and beverages, village fees, and tour guide fees is $160,000 Guyana dollars per person.

Book Your Tour Now

If you’re all worked up by now about visiting Karasabai on a three day tour, you can do something about it! Get on board by filling up the form below. After filling up the form, our tour coordinator, Marlon Edwards, will contact you to answer any questions you may have, confirm your registration, and arrange payment.

Karasabai three day tour Package


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